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Rumors and speculation are finally over!

David Lynch and Mark Frost released a list of 217 confirmed cast members for the new season of Twin Peaks. Filtered out below are all 37 original cast members returning to Twin Peaks after 25 years… unless, of course, they’re still keeping a handful of cameos secret*.

Welcome to Twin Peaks learned that Mike Malone is playing a new character. Sheryl Lee could return as Laura, and/or Maddy, and/or a new character. And thanks to Josh Eisenstadt, actors Matt Battaglia and Brian T. Finney (who were mistakenly not asterisked in the official cast list) have been added. Their roles were minor, so they might be playing new characters too.

While 39 original cast members have filmed, the number of recurring characters could be something between 35 and 40. And that’s excluding likely recasts.

*UPDATE: According to costume designer Nancy Steiner, there are 238 speaking parts in the new series.

Mädchen Amick (Shelly Johnson) and Dana Ashbrook (Bobby Briggs)

Leo? No!

And please let the woman in the back —a regular at the RR Diner— return as an extra.

Bobby Briggs and Shelly Johnson

Phoebe Augustine (Ronette Pulaski)

David Lynch always loved the Ronette character and seems to have found a way to involve her again.

Ronette Pulaski

Richard Beymer (Benjamin Horne) and David Patrick Kelly (Jerry Horne)

This duo is probably still up to no good.

Ben and Jerry Horne

Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne)

Triple cherry time!

Audrey Horne

Jan D’Arcy (Sylvia Horne)

Wheeeeeeeeere’s Johnny?

Jan D'Arcy as Sylvia Horne

Catherine E. Coulson (Margaret Lanterman aka The Log Lady)

Catherine’s last gift to the world of Twin Peaks. Rest in peace.

Catherine E. Coulson aka The Log Lady at Antwerp Expo

Julee Cruise (The Roadhouse singer)

The original voice of Twin Peaks. One of the voices in 2017.

Julee Cruise to work with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti again

David Duchovny (Dennis Denise Bryson)

Duchovny had a feeling. Turns out he was right.

David Duchovny on the return of Denise Bryson

Miguel Ferrer (FBI Special Agent Albert Rosenfield) and Warren Frost (Doc Hayward)

Mark Frost’s dad and one of the best TV dads ever, Doc Hayward, as well as fan favorite, Albert Rosenfield! Rumor has it Miguel Ferrer gets tons of screen time in the new series and wouldn’t that just be ACES?

Doc Hayward and Albert Rosenfield

Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan) and Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Moran)

Michael Cera as their kid?


Andrea Hays (Heidi)

Too busy jump-starting the old man… again!

Amanda Hays - Heidi

Gary Hershberger (Mike “Snake” Nelson)

Is Mike still the man?

Mike Nelson

Michael Horse (Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill)

Michael Horse previously talked about returning to Twin Peaks and appearing in the teaser:

To all those people out there wondering if the new series is gonna be good: YES!

Deputy Hawk

Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson – both deceased)

Did David Lynch and Mark Frost come up with a third character for her to play?

Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson

Peggy Lipton (Norma Jennings)

But no mention of Chris Mulkey, who played her husband, Hank Jennings. Good for Norma, I guess.

Peggy Lipton - Norma Jennings

Bellina Martin Logan (Louie “Birdsong” Budway)

Props to Brad Dukes for remembering this ambitious character’s full name. Has she climbed up to become The Great Northern’s new hotel manager?

Louie "Birdsong" Budway

David Lynch (FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole) and Kyle MacLachlan (FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper)

No surprise here, but a reunion of these two characters is something incredible to look forward to!

Gordon Cole and Dale Cooper

Mike Malone (FBI)

Mike Malone was a crew member who ended up being an extra FBI Agent in the opening scene of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. He’s the one pointing a gun at the bus driver in the still below.

“Malone” is part of the cast again, but will not be reprising his previous role. He’s also the show’s on-set dresser, which in typical David Lynch fashion could mean he’ll end up playing Killer BOB.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me school bus & prostitutes

James Marshall (James Hurley)

Hardcore James fans rejoice! No mention of Lara Flynn Boyle or Moira Kelly though. New Donna or no Donna?


Walter Olkewicz (Jacques Renault – deceased)

Wait. Another Renault brother?

Jacques Renault - Walter Olkewicz

Wendy Robie (Nadine Hurley) and Everett McGill (“Big” Ed Hurley)

Twenty-five years. Probably a lot of new inventions.

Ed and Nadine Hurley

Marvin “Marv” Rosand (Cook at the Double R Diner)

As seen in The Missing Pieces.

UPDATEMarv passed away shortly after shooting his scenes. May he rest in peace.

Marvin Rosand in Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces

Carlton Lee Russell (Jumping Man)

He lived above a convenience store.

Jumping Man - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Harry Dean Stanton (Carl Rodd)

I’ve already gone places.

But will we find out where he’s been before ending up at the Fat Trout Trailer Park?

Harry Dean Stanton as Carl Rodd

Charlotte Stewart (Betty Briggs)

Without her beloved husband, Major Briggs. R.I.P. Don S. Davis!

Charlotte Stewart as Betty Briggs

Al Strobel (Philip “Mike” Gerard aka The One-Armed Man)

I’ve been retired for 20 years […] and when I retired, I said: ‘I really don’t want to work again… unless David Lynch gives me a call.’ And so… here I am!
—Al Strobel

Al Strobel, One Armed Man on Twin Peaks

Carel Struycken (The Giant)

Will Cooper’s tall friend appear again? UPDATE: Maybe he was merely avoiding a confirmation, but the actor hinted he’s playing another mythical character this time.


Russ Tamblyn (Dr. Jacoby)

Jacoby isn’t retired in Hawaii. Michael Ontkean (unfortunately) is.

Russ Tamblyn as Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Ray Wise (Leland Palmer – deceased)

Now that Jimmy Scott has passed, the Black Lodge needs a new singer. I know just the man.

Ray Wise as Leland Palmer

Alicia Witt (Gersten Hayward)

Jamming away at the Roadhouse every Saturday night?

Alicia Witt as Gersten Hayward

Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer)

Poor Sarah, all alone in that big house on the hill.

Grace Zabriskie as Sarah Palmer

UPDATE: Brian T. Finney (trucker)

Hey, wait. Uh… I thought Leo said this was my party.

Laura partied with this unknown trucker in a deleted scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.

Brian T. Finney in Twin Peaks

UPDATE: Matt Battaglia (Frank)

J… A… G… W…     Car!

It is unlikely that Matt Battaglia, who recently appeared in several episodes of True Detective, will reprise his role of the cop who couldn’t spell “Jaguar.” But you never know.Matt Battaglia in the original Twin Peaks

That’s all we know for now. Which characters are you looking forward to seeing again and which surprise cameos are you hoping for?


Thanks for reading!

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