David Lynch: ‘I Think Harry Dean Stanton Should Run For President!’ (Video)

UPDATE: A video playlist of the entire Harry Dean Stanton Award show has been added below.

“It seems like everybody loves Harry Dean,” said surprise guest David Lynch at last night’s first annual Harry Dean Stanton Award in Los Angeles, and the audience cheered in approval. Lynch, who recently worked with Harry Dean Stanton on both the new Twin Peaks and John Carroll Lynch’s upcoming directorial debut, Lucky, continued to heap praise on his 90-year-old pal as a person, singer-musician and actor.

As a person, Harry Dean is just so beautiful. He’s got this easygoing nature. It’s so great just to sit beside Harry Dean and observe. We hardly have to to say anything. Long periods of silence where you’re not feeling anxious about what you might say. It’s just beautiful to sit with him. He’s got a great inner peace. As a musician, he can sing so beautifully tears just flow out of your eyes. And as an actor, I think all actors will agree, no one gives a more honest, natural, truer performance than Harry Dean Stanton. I think Harry Dean should run for president of the United States!

After being handed the first-ever Harry Dean Stanton Award, the celebrated actor is joined on stage by Johnny Depp and Kris Kristofferson to perform “Everybody’s Talkin’” and thanks to Benjamin Katz, you can watch all of that, including David Lynch’s aforementioned introduction. No doubt Harry Dean Stanton win the award again next year!

Harry Dean Stanton Award presented by David Lynch

The Harry Dean Stanton Award 2016 by Vidiots Foundation

If you love Harry Dean Stanton —and who doesn’t?— make sure to watch the wonderful Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction documentary.

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Harry Dean Stanton is one of those actors who shows up everywhere. You could do a “Six Degrees” game with him like they used to do with Kevin Bacon.

  2. Has Mr. Stanton been confirmed in the new series? *The Secret History of Twin Peaks* dropped some very interesting things about his character…

  3. Maybe this came across better in person, but on video it comes over like “amateur night.” Be glad you didn’t pay money to see this mess.

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