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The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque’s Miss Twin Peaks Pageant 2018

Rewatch all the burlesque performances from The Pink Room's 7th annual Miss Twin Peaks Pageant, including Naido, Girl 1956, Señorita Dido, and the French woman from Part 12.
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You’ve seen them in Part 3 of Twin Peaks: The Phenomenon, and if you’re a Twin Peaks fan living in New York, you probably watched them crown their 7th Miss Twin Peaks live at Joe’s Pub last Saturday. I’m talking about The Pink Room Burlesque!

For the first time since Francine launched the David Lynch-inspired burlesque show in 2011, the entire evening has been made available for streaming. Nearly every act is inspired by The Return and in the first five minutes alone, you’ll catch references to Ella’s wicked armpit rash, the screaming girl at the Roadhouse, David Lynch’s American Woman remix, Rammstein’s Engel, Audrey’s final shot, and even the ultimate line spoken in the new series. So needless to say, spoiler alert, and in case you’re completely unfamiliar with burlesque, here’s a big, bold NSFW too!

The Pink Room: David Lynch Burlesque’s 7th Annual Miss Twin Peaks Pageant (January 27, 2017)

  • Boo Boo Darlin’ as Norma Jennings (13:16)
  • Varla Velour as the French woman from Part 12 (19:20)
  • Francine ‘The Lucid Dream’ as Diane Evans (30:25)
  • Nasty Canasta as Laura Palmer (1:06:30)
  • Seedy Edie as Girl 1956 (1:14:18) WINNER!
  • Bunny Buxom as Señorita Dido (1:21:50)
  • Minx Arcana as Naido (1:33:30)
  • Francine ‘The Lucid Dream’ as The Blue Rose (1:41:50)

The 7th annual Miss Twin Peaks Pageant was hosted by Schäffer the Darklord as Gordon Cole (02:10), Dale Cooper (55:15), The Fireman (1:18:50) and Deputy Brennan (1:26:40). Don’t miss appearances by Matt Knife as a go-go dancing Woodsman and Roadhouse sweeper, David Bishop as Chester Desmond, Petite Renard as Darya, and Pat as Albert Rosenfield.

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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