Let’s Rock! Trailer For A Non-Exist-Ent Twin Peaks Musical

“How do you top a well-received fan-made trailer that turns Twin Peaks: The Return into an epic summer blockbuster,” Daniel Rodríguez Elices asked himself before taking things even farther with a second fake trailer, this time using the series as an inspiration for a “non-exist-ent” musical called “Let’s Rock.”

“It’s pretty silly, and not as polished as my previous ‘Pure Heroin’ trailer,” Daniel warns Welcome to Twin Peaks, “but if you watch it with some sense of humor, it may make you laugh.”

Well, Daniel, it’s impossible NOT to smile from ear to ear when you see the Joneses groove to “Do The Dougie-Doo-Ah,” or the Evolution of the Arm’s Doppelgänger scream “Squeeze His Hand Off” over the electric guitars of Rammstein’s Engel (yes, that’s the melody Gordon Cole was whistling in his office). Watch out for cameos by Diane Evans, Pierre Tremond/Chalfont, the Mitchum brothers and Candie, Tammy Preston, The Fireman, Dougie Jones, and many others!

Let’s Rock – The Twin Peaks Musical

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Written by Pieter Dom

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