Get Hyped Up With This Summer Blockbuster Twin Peaks Trailer

Daniel Rodríguez Elices from Spain did what David Lynch NEVER would; he cut an overblown Hollywood blockbuster trailer for Twin Peaks: The Return, mixing footage from everything up to and including Part 8 —even the original series.

Although the tone is intentionally way off, the 3-minute trailer is a fun way to relive some of the series’ most epic moments so far. And while it is fan-made, the blurbs from The New York Times and Rolling Stone are still real, and definitely add to the grandiosity of the summer blockbuster parody. Enjoy!

This summer, get ready to unleash your doppelgänger!

If you like this, check out the parody trailer for Mr. Jackpots: The Comedy.

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Thank you for posting it!!. I am a big fan of this web (I watch it every day) and I’m very honored that you publish this. I hope people understand it for what it is, a funny and respectful tribute to the series, where I just want to reflect how thrilled I am with the show.
    It has its flaws but, you know, keep your eye on the donut, not in the hole!
    Thank you!!

    • I love your Trailer, Mister Rodriguez. If we would have seen a Trailer like yours instead of one of the official Trailers before, I wouldn’t be as disappointed as I am sometimes with Season 3 at the first watch.

      All of the official Teasers were like “I dont want to tell you anything, so go an **** yourself.”.

      I expected something completly else by the official Trailers, than what I got after I saw the First episodes on May 21st.

      I would have been Happy to see your Trailer before, because it transports much better, what the qualities of Season 3 really are and what we should expect. I hope, That you will do a second Trailer in this Style after Episode 18. Great Work, Mister Rodriguez!

  2. Daniel Rodriguez, you are the greatest person ever! 😉

    I absolutely loved this trailer. Brilliant! Amazing! Wonderful! Kudos to you, sir. Great work.

  3. Yep, definitely way, way off for Lynch and Showtime’s marketing efforts, but super fun to watch! This montage made me remember how many great moments we’ve had so far this season. Nice work, Daniel!

  4. One of the greatest fan made trailers I’ve ever seen. Though in fairness some of the credit goes to the show itself for being what it is.

  5. There are lonnnngg-time fans who have quit the season shortly after the 2pt. pilot (they have philosophical reasons–I’m not one of them). I have tried to tell them patience is the key to loving this season, but with little success…
    …I believe this wonderful, silly trailer may make a difference. I’m sending a link to some folks. You may have unwittingly forged a minor miracle, Mr. R.

  6. I agree with sveeral of the previous replies. This trailer would have set me up to enjoy what I’m seeing far more than billboards of cherry pie and teasers of Gordon Cole eating a donut. Great job!

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