Sherilyn Fenn Sublimely Confirms Audrey Horne’s Return To Twin Peaks… With Cherries Emoji



Didn’t Dana Ashbrook already assure Sherilyn Fenn’s involvement in the new Twin Peaks back in 2014?

[bctt tweet=”“I talked to David. We’re going back to Twin Peaks. We’re gonna have some fun!” —Sherilyn Fenn (in a text to Dana Ashbrook)” via=”no”]

True. But a lot has happened since, including various ambiguous and disquieting tweets from the actress in 2015. Here’s just one of them.

Today Audrey Horne fans —and aren’t we all?— can stop worrying, because the actress delightfully confirmed Deadline‘s report on her return by tweeting it… and adding three signature cherry emoji.

Hester Prynne-style!

Audrey Horne's cherry stem trick

With Twin Peaks roughly halfway through production, it is still possible that Audrey Horne will be a major character.

The actress in December wrapped her part in at least five episodes of another Showtime series, Shameless, as Frank’s (former?) love interest, Queen.

Written by Pieter Dom

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    • Because David Lynch is a genius ?
      Even after telling Ray Wise he’s looking forward to having him back, Ray replied saying that his character is dead.
      David’s reply was that they’ll work around it lol!

    • The show is (in part) a homage to soap operas, the kind of show where “dead” characters come back all the time, new actors take over established roles etc etc.

      It’s not meant to be a realistic drama, obviously.

      • Being in the same room as a bomb isn’t guaranteed death. Operation Valkyrie famously put a bomb in a room with Hitler, which did detonate, and Hitler wasn’t even terribly injured. Audrey wasn’t standing right in front of the bomb like Pete and Andrew.

        And will these news outlets ever stop calling the new show a “reboot?” It’s nothing of the sort.

    • As Mike said above, we never saw Audrey die. In fact, we SPECIFICALLY didn’t see Audrey die. The whole idea behind the final episode was to put a bunch of characters in peril but leave their fates uncertain, in hopes that there would be a third season (which, of course, there is, albeit 27 years later).

      Also, it’s clear that Lynch and Frost ALWAYS intended Audrey to survive. Fun fact: Mulholland Drive was originally conceived as a television spin-off that showed Audrey going off to Hollywood after surviving the bank bombing.

    • I thought she said she was over Cooper when John Wheeler came into the picture? She said there was someone, but not anymore. (Something along those lines.)

      Although I will say I hope she never stops loving Cooper.