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David Lynch Deep Into Editing Fluctuating Number Of Twin Peaks Episodes

David Lynch

Showtime execs David Nevins and Gery Levine today at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2016 still could not announce exactly when the new Twin Peaks series will air —they’re aiming for second quarter of 2017— or how many episodes David Lynch and Mark Frost will actually produce. In fact, at their first meeting with Showtime, the creators did not present completed scripts but thick binders full of notes and ideas on what happened the past 25 years. The actual number of episodes is still shifting while David Lynch is deep into editing with longtime collaborator Duwayne Dunham.

The execs are expecting to see edited footage soon, but watching just some of the dailies, they were both “instantly transported.” They added they can’t wait to show it to the world.

What they did show to the press was B-roll filmed in Washington state mixed with behind the scenes interviews with some of the cast members, including Kyle MacLachlan, Miguel Ferrer, Dana Ashbrook, Harry Goaz, Jim Belushi, Kimmy Robertson, James Marshall, and Robert Knepper. We can’t wait until Showtime publishes this video online, so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space!

To conclude, some interesting tweets from the #TCA16 event.


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David Lynch Deep Into Editing Fluctuating Number Of Twin Peaks Episodes

Showtime execs on watching Twin Peaks dailies: “We were instantly transported. The tone, the feel, it is so singular. We can’t wait to show it to the world.”