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New Twin Peaks Likely To Premiere In April, May, Or June 2017

PLEASE let it be April!
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Twin Peaks 2017 teaser

In a conference call with reporters, Showtime CEO David Nevins today refrained from announcing a premiere date for Twin Peaks, which is currently in the hands of editor Duwayne Dunham and others involved in post-production. But according to the New York Times, he did reduce his previous ETA from the first half of 2017 to the second quarter of the same year. That means we can expect the continuation to start airing in April, May or June 2017.

Nevins also revealed that 80 percent of Showtime viewers watch on-demand, so the vast majority of their shows are not watched live. We’ll see how that statistic holds up in Q2 of 2017.

Twin Peaks fan poster by Austin Shaddix (prints)

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  1. Kevin K. says:

    Within a year! Anyone know if watching Showtime through sources other than a cable subscription (i’m thinking of getting it through my Amazon Prime acct.) has any sort of delay, or would it be available same day?

    • Matt says:

      Add it on to your Hulu account.

      • Kevin K. says:

        Don’t have Hulu, don’t want Hulu. Want to add it to my Prime. So my question remains– does the episode air the same day on those services, or does it have a lag of a few days?

        • Chuck says:

          Yes. Showtime on prime posts new episodes same day. I do not subscribe through prime, but have checked postings. Can check yourself without actually subscribing to be sure.

    • Giovanni says:

      Well, IIRC, there’s a good chance Twin Peaks S3 will be helping inaugurate an on-demand Showtime service similar to HBO Now (which you *do not* need to have an HBO cable subscription to take advantage of, unlike the preexisting HBO Go service). In the case of HBO Now, episodes are released at the same time they air on cable. So it’s likely you’d be able to take advantage of that on Showtime as well.

      • c says:

        Showtime has had this service for a year. It’s called Showtime. Stand alone, no cable subscription required. My guess is the Twin Peaks will be the companion series for Penny Dreadful which makes it a pretty smart move in my book.

    • Mickey Palto says:

      Or, get a Roku and order Showtime via the Roku. Shows are available at the same time they air on cable, and all episodes of all Showtime series are available on your TV on demand.

  2. Rob B. says:

    Woohoo! Gotta warm up the percolator (sans fish) and get me a piece (ok, probably a few pieces) of chocolate peanut butter pie!

  3. Crowd Hoot says:

    I think it would be March 26, 2016, as Laura said 25 years on that day, MArch 26.

  4. ilya says:

    april for sure but only because it’ll still be COLD at night. i’m in tucson, arizona. i swear if this begins in summer… no, forget it. i’ll just let it all play out week by week and it won’t get any press on yahoo so i can wait to get them all at once when it gets cold again. how can you watch “twin peaks” when it’s 83 F in the house, even if it’s dark? sure i HAVE but i don’t want to take anything new on before the atmosphere fits the atmosphere.

    • Lee says:

      Ha ha Ilya, I feel you cause I live in Phoenix, AZ and we’re going to be hitting 120 next Monday/Tuesday already 🙂 But there’s no way I can personally wait to watch new episodes knowing they’re available just for it to get cool again. I need my Twin Peaks fix as soon as each episode airs, hot or cold, lol. I am sooooo excited for this and can’t wait to see where Lynch and Frost take this series. I think I’m about due to rewatch the old seasons and movie. Lynch has been waaaay too quiet this past decade. It’ll be very interesting to me to see how he uses Trent Reznor cause that is my favorite musician along with my favorite director. A match made in heaven! (Sorry I was all over the place with this posting, lol)

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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