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Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu-Ray To Include Over 4 Hours Of Bonus Material

The British Board of Film Classification yesterday rated the additional material that will be part of the upcoming Twin Peaks: The Third Season Blu-ray release. The following titles and runtimes can be found on the BBFC website:

  • A Bloody Finger In Your Mouth (25:43)
  • A Pot Of Boiling Oil (36:58)
  • Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers (25:39)
  • See You On The Other Side, Dear Friend (28:49)
  • Tell It, Martin (27:57)
  • The Man With The Gray Elevated Hair (28:27)
  • Two Blue Balls (23:13)
  • Bad Binoculars (27:01)
  • The Number Of Completion (28:04)
  • The Polish Accountant (28:05)

Every segment has been rated aged 15 and up, except for “See You On The Other Side Dear Friend” and “Bad Binoculars,” which were both classified for 12 and up.

Only “Bad Binoculars” and “The Number Of Completion” are literal references to lines by Jerry Horne and Dale Cooper. We know a lot of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage were shot during production, so perhaps quotes from cast and crew serve as titles for BTS documentaries? “Martin,” for instance, could refer to set decorator Florencia Martin or driver Martin Tajra.

UPDATE: In addition to the Season 3 material above, this additional production material from Season 1 was rated as well:

  • Behind The Red Curtain: Episode 1 (Additional Material, Season 1) (28:07)
  • Behind The Red Curtain: Episode 2 (Additional Material, Season 1) (27:03)

Season 3 will be out on December 5th, 2017, and is expected to include 7 Blu-ray or 8 DVD discs.

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Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu-Ray To Include Over 4 Hours Of Bonus Material

“A Bloody Finger In Your Mouth” and other bonus material titles on the Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu-ray have been revealed.

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