Twin Peaks Season 3 Blu-Ray To Include Over 4 Hours Of Bonus Material

The British Board of Film Classification yesterday rated the additional material that will be part of the upcoming Twin Peaks: The Third Season Blu-ray release. The following titles and runtimes can be found on the BBFC website:

  • A Bloody Finger In Your Mouth (25:43)
  • A Pot Of Boiling Oil (36:58)
  • Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers (25:39)
  • See You On The Other Side, Dear Friend (28:49)
  • Tell It, Martin (27:57)
  • The Man With The Gray Elevated Hair (28:27)
  • Two Blue Balls (23:13)
  • Bad Binoculars (27:01)
  • The Number Of Completion (28:04)
  • The Polish Accountant (28:05)

Every segment has been rated aged 15 and up, except for “See You On The Other Side Dear Friend” and “Bad Binoculars,” which were both classified for 12 and up.

Only “Bad Binoculars” and “The Number Of Completion” are literal references to lines by Jerry Horne and Dale Cooper. We know a lot of interviews and behind-the-scenes footage were shot during production, so perhaps quotes from cast and crew serve as titles for BTS documentaries? “Martin,” for instance, could refer to set decorator Florencia Martin or driver Martin Tajra.

UPDATE: In addition to the Season 3 material above, this additional production material from Season 1 was rated as well:

  • Behind The Red Curtain: Episode 1 (Additional Material, Season 1) (28:07)
  • Behind The Red Curtain: Episode 2 (Additional Material, Season 1) (27:03)

Season 3 will be out on December 5th, 2017, and is expected to include 7 Blu-ray or 8 DVD discs.

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Can NOT wait for this to come out! Am I the ONLY one here who thought the compression of the picture as released on Showtime was absolutely the worst ever? ANY time we faded to black we’d see this blocky ghost image from the previous scene (and NO that’s not intentional, it’s just sloppy technicians). Some of the really beautiful scenes, especially in Ep 8 where we travel across the vast “void” of an ocean up to that house on the rock, were an embarrassing jumble of blocky compression noise in any of the really dark sections.

    This is what you’d expect from a show 10 years ago (maybe!) or from low budget amateurs, not a Lynch production where so much attention was lavished on all the details. All that said, this will not be an issue on a Blu-Ray because the spec. for compression is automatically very high and so I am fully expecting each and every scene to look radically better.

    • I totally agree about the awful compression. Can’t wait to see the blu-ray. I remember it looking really bad for the shots of the forest, and the scene showing the clouds and sky after Ed and Norma have their special moment.

    • Re: the compression, I agree. I had Comcast’s “HD” cable (720p, tops) during the first half of the season and then cut the cord and got a Showtime subscription through Amazon. It cost less, always played in 1080p, and I could watch the eps any time I wanted — why did I wait as long as I did?!?! Cable is a dying medium.

  2. Nice! 🙂

    “The Man With The Gray Elevated Hair” might be about that David Lynch dude.

    About the quality mentioned: I could not, still cannot, believe Twin Peaks in 2017 was released as 1080p, not 4K. The quality is horrible. Doesn’t seem we get a 4K Blu-ray either. What’s the point of making great entertainment / art, when it’s almost impossible to watch and listen to?

  3. Sadly my internet was out during this new season and had to watch it from my mobile phone and was not a really good way to experience Twin Peaks 3 in all its glory but I am going to be buying the Blu Ray set when its ready for release…I just recently came out of a bad financial situation and now that we know the official release date of the new Twin Peaks I am very excited!!!! bring on the cherry pie that’ll kill ya and a damn fine cup of coffee!!!

    • Hi. Yes, the best release you could ever find is the “Twin Peaks: the Entire Mystery” Blu-ray box-set. It’s the one I picked up some months ago and I really really got into the show. The image quality ia very improved