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First Reactions From Original Twin Peaks Cast To David Lynch And Mark Frost’s Big Reveal

Original Twin Peaks cast members react shocked and enthused to David Lynch and Mark Frost's big reveal, but Richard Beymer, Kenneth Welsh, Wendy Robie and others hope to return. And the Log Lady, as usual, seems to know more...
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As fans around the world are reeling from the news of Twin Peaks’ return to television in 2016, former cast and crew members from the original production share similar sentiments of shock and enthusiasm. Intense speculation may now begin. Who will be joining series co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost on this journey? Second season producer and series screenwriter Harley Peyton confirmed that he is not writing any material for the forthcoming installments on Showtime, but shared this message:

I’m thrilled and can hardly wait to see the conclusion we all waited a very long time for. The idea that Mark and David will write, and [David] will direct, every episode is equally exciting. My only complaint is that I’ve got to wait until 2016 to see the results.

It appears that “Agent Dale Cooper” himself, Kyle MacLachlan, is on board from yesterday’s tweet (see below), but who else can we expect to see? Stars including Richard Beymer (“Ben Horne”), Wendy Robie (“Nadine Hurley”), Ian Buchanan (“Dick Tremayne”) and Kenneth Welsh (“Windom Earle”) indicated they had no prior knowledge of yesterday’s announcement, but are all interested in going back to Twin Peaks in some fashion.

The explosive conclusion of Twin Peaks in 1991 left the fate of many characters in doubt, but the world of Twin Peaks seems to be open to anything at this point. Welsh was optimistic to return, stating “[L]et’s hope there’s a public demand for the return of Windom Earle.” Buchanan added: “I’d love to be a part of it. Happy to be an old Dick. I look forward to just seeing it if nothing else!David Patrick Kelly, the man behind fan favorite character Jerry Horne, also stated that he “always thought Jerry Horne was only beginning,” and “would love to show what he’s been up to.

Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S. Truman) in The Descendants
Michael Ontkean in The Descendants (2011)

The coming weeks and months should indicate if other Peaks lynchpins including Michael Ontkean (“Sheriff Harry S. Truman”) and Joan Chen (“Josie Packard”) are on board. Both on and off the screen, the Log Lady always seems to know a little more than she is telling. Longtime David Lynch associate Catherine E. Coulson indicated she will be back: “It is really too early to talk about any details but when I asked him [Lynch] what to say was: ‘Don’t play in the street.’

There you have it folks. Stay out of the street and don’t play with fire. At least until 2016.

Catherine E. Coulson as the Log Lady in Pretty Little Demons music video
Catherine E. Coulson as the Log Lady in 2014.

BONUS: Several Twitter comments on the big reveal from original Twin Peaks cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise (“Leland Palmer”) Chris Mulkey (“Hank Jennings”), Mädchen Amick (“Shelly Johnson”), Peggy Lipton (“Norma Jennings”), Piper Laurie (“Catherine Martell”) and Brenda Strong (Thomas Eckhardt’s assistant, “Miss Jones”).

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What's your response to this?


  1. ringo336 says:

    If you ask me, the more returning characters, the better. I would love to see them all make a return.

  2. Redrum says:

    Twin Peaks revisited.

    Bring it on!

  3. Blinky says:

    Great movie. Hope to see such characters like Lora, Bob, Dale Cooper, Sheriff Harry S. Truman. 🙂

  4. Grey says:

    Now the real question: Which Donna will return? XD

  5. The Log says:

    I hope for a return from most of the characters, even some of the dead ones! Leland and Josie – eternally confined to the black lodge – that works.
    I think episodes 15 through 20 of season 2 were executed so poorly on almost every level that it may be risky to revisit the parody of some of those side characters and plot situations. Aside from Windom Earl, the character direction and story telling was a sloppy distraction – even as seen through the looking glass of a soap opera frame point. I’m sure most fans agree.
    My big question – Who should play Donna?!
    My big wish – David Bowie as Phillip Jeffries returns!!
    He’s practically been in the black lodge for real for 10 years now.

  6. Maxime says:

    Hello from France, thank you so much for this damn fine website.

    It almost felt like a dream to watch the third season announcement, because I discovered the original episodes and the movie only a month ago !

  7. Tony says:

    I think the guy who played Desmond on LOST would be a great fit to play Bob. Very similar look. http://goo.gl/6HPt1o http://goo.gl/AR8hxd

  8. Vlad says:

    And sadly no Major Briigs as Don Davis died in 2008 (

  9. Arrakis says:

    Can’t wait for this to return. I don’t remember did Audrey die in the bank?

  10. Xu says:

    perhaps motivated by us Chinese fan calling out Joan Chen on Weibo (Chinese twitter) upon news hit the web, she wrote a blog entry on the story behind her quitting Twin Peaks, and with such a elegant twist, back to her normal cooking recipe at the end…


    “However, a glimmer of hope still exists, for Josie was last seen trapped in a wooden doorknob. Perhaps I can come back in one of the episodes as a doorknob witch? “

  11. Jay says:

    Deputy Andy…Deputy Andy…surely he’ll be back. (Harry Goaz)

    • Rob B. says:

      He should be sheriff by now! And the father of 6 kids with Lucy… 🙂

  12. Jimmy says:

    I can definitely do with several characters from the original series being left out. Specifically thinking of James and Dick Tremayne.

  13. K26dp says:

    I’d love a huge curveball… like Leo Johnson completely reforming, turning state’s evidence against Ben, Catherine, etc., doing his time, returning and reconciling with Shelly, the two of them buying the RR from Norma and turning it into a successful franchise, and running for and winning the office of Mayor of Twin Peaks.

  14. Alan Smithee says:

    Less Donna, please. Or at least less LFB.

    • fifiwereking says:

      don’t know how they could bring her back, unless they write it as james rolling over her face with his motorcycle…

      • Christopher says:

        It took me a couple seconds to get that one haha. Ouch.

  15. Aiddon says:

    Man, they could go so many interesting ways with series due to the time gap being a plot point. At the very least, MacLachlan should come back as it isn’t Twin Peaks without Cooper. I could see Shelly and Norma with the diner to add a sense of familiarity. The Hornes with the the Great Northern are also pretty vital. Again, many ways you could do this and I can’t wait to see what Lynch and Frost have in store

  16. Valis says:

    What about Sherilyn Fenn?? She looked cool in the “Dual Spires” homage to Twin Peaks…

  17. Hello , here a great ‘Twinnie’ fan from Antwerp-Deurne ,

    that’s something to waiting for !

    When the series comes to Belgium I remember the sphere also in magazines ,

    back then I couldn’t see the series but years later buy tho whole DVD series

    among almost all David Lynch movies

    I experienced the hole Twin Peaks sphere but ‘translated’ into

    local villages around , also Twin Peaks came here in Belgium on TV when

    I discover House , rave Techno at the same time that was a new era !

    Greetings ,

    Michaël 1977

  18. Deirdre from Ireland says:

    I really hope that some of the characters do not come back-I really didn’t enjoy the Windom Earle or Annie storylines-thought they were such an anti-climax after the revelation of who killed Laura. Plus I hated the idea that Agent Cooper became possessed by Bob! He is the hero and I don’t think it suited his character to be bad whereas I think Ray Wise did PHENOMONAL job of playing Leland as both a good and a bas character.
    I’d love if they could recapture the essence of what the show was like in the pilot and season 1 because I thought that was when it was pure magic.

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