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First Reactions From Original Twin Peaks Cast To David Lynch And Mark Frost’s Big Reveal

As fans around the world are reeling from the news of Twin Peaks’ return to television in 2016, former cast and crew members from the original production share similar sentiments of shock and enthusiasm. Intense speculation may now begin. Who will be joining series co-creators David Lynch and Mark Frost on this journey? Second season producer and series screenwriter Harley Peyton confirmed that he is not writing any material for the forthcoming installments on Showtime, but shared this message:

I’m thrilled and can hardly wait to see the conclusion we all waited a very long time for. The idea that Mark and David will write, and [David] will direct, every episode is equally exciting. My only complaint is that I’ve got to wait until 2016 to see the results.

It appears that “Agent Dale Cooper” himself, Kyle MacLachlan, is on board from yesterday’s tweet (see below), but who else can we expect to see? Stars including Richard Beymer (“Ben Horne”), Wendy Robie (“Nadine Hurley”), Ian Buchanan (“Dick Tremayne”) and Kenneth Welsh (“Windom Earle”) indicated they had no prior knowledge of yesterday’s announcement, but are all interested in going back to Twin Peaks in some fashion.

The explosive conclusion of Twin Peaks in 1991 left the fate of many characters in doubt, but the world of Twin Peaks seems to be open to anything at this point. Welsh was optimistic to return, stating “[L]et’s hope there’s a public demand for the return of Windom Earle.” Buchanan added: “I’d love to be a part of it. Happy to be an old Dick. I look forward to just seeing it if nothing else!David Patrick Kelly, the man behind fan favorite character Jerry Horne, also stated that he “always thought Jerry Horne was only beginning,” and “would love to show what he’s been up to.

Michael Ontkean (Sheriff Harry S. Truman) in The Descendants

Michael Ontkean in The Descendants (2011)

The coming weeks and months should indicate if other Peaks lynchpins including Michael Ontkean (“Sheriff Harry S. Truman”) and Joan Chen (“Josie Packard”) are on board. Both on and off the screen, the Log Lady always seems to know a little more than she is telling. Longtime David Lynch associate Catherine E. Coulson indicated she will be back: “It is really too early to talk about any details but when I asked him [Lynch] what to say was: ‘Don’t play in the street.’

There you have it folks. Stay out of the street and don’t play with fire. At least until 2016.

Catherine E. Coulson as the Log Lady in Pretty Little Demons music video

Catherine E. Coulson as the Log Lady in 2014.

BONUS: Several Twitter comments on the big reveal from original Twin Peaks cast members Kyle MacLachlan, Ray Wise (“Leland Palmer”) Chris Mulkey (“Hank Jennings”), Mädchen Amick (“Shelly Johnson”), Peggy Lipton (“Norma Jennings”), Piper Laurie (“Catherine Martell”) and Brenda Strong (Thomas Eckhardt’s assistant, “Miss Jones”).

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First Reactions From Original Twin Peaks Cast To Big Reveal

Original Twin Peaks cast members react shocked and enthused to David Lynch and Mark Frost's big reveal. But as usual, the Log Lady seems to know more...

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