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Watch White Collar Starring Mädchen Amick

I previously told you about the White Collar episodes starring Mädchen Amick and Dana Ashbrook. Well, the one starring the beautiful actress that portrayed waitress Shelly Johnson in Twin Peaks, is now available on Hulu. Unfortunately for my non-U.S. readers, Episode 5 of season 3 (“Veiled Threat”) is only available in the United States (unless you apply some VPN trickery, but don’t ask me). The video content will only be available for about a month so watch it fast, and feel free to post your comments.

White Collar

When a black widow arrives in New York, Neal and Peter must go undercover as wealthy bachelors to find her next target.

(The girl in the thumbnail above is, of course, not our dear Mädchen but Tiffani Thiessen)

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Watch White Collar Starring Mädchen Amick

Watch the White Collar episode starring Mädchen Amick, aka Twin Peaks' Shelly Johnson.