How To Make Twin Peaks Cherry Pie In The Black Lodge

Twin Peaks Cherry Pie in the Black LodgeIn their Platos de Pelicula (“Movie Meals”) series, Argentinian content producers CiervoConMonóculo (“DearWithMonocle”) have made an episode on how to make “tarta de cerezas” or the famous Twin Peaks cherry pie. I know what you’re thinking: there are plenty of Twin Peaks cherry pie recipes on the web already! Yes, but none of them have been recorded backwards.

Martín and Bilo are making the cherry pie inside The Black Lodge and they’ve inserted plenty of Twin Peaks references throughout the video, so make sure you watch it until the end.

(Those who understand Spanish should probably turn the English subtitles off by clicking the CC button)

The duo has done a bunch of other recipes in the past, including Pulp Fiction’s Big Kahuna Burger. Check them out!

Pieter Dom

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