Dale Cooper Enlists Help From Sherlock, Rust Cohle And Will Graham In Twin Peaks Detectives (Video)

Twin Peaks Detectives: Dale Cooper and Sherlock Holmes

Diane, April 8th 2016. Entering the tree-filled town of Twin Peaks. I almost forgot how utterly lovely it is. After 25 years, we meet again.

Leigh Lahav and Oren Mendez have created an animated skit about Dale Cooper’s return to Twin Peaks in 2016, where he’s being told that “by today’s standards, Twin Peaks just isn’t that weird anymore.

Coop encounters fellow TV detectives Abbie Mills from Sleepy Hollow (joined by Ichabod Crane), Fargo’s Molly Solverson, Hannibal’s Will Graham, Sherlock Holmes, and of course, True Detective‘s Rust Cohle. That last meeting happens inside the Red Room where even the Man From Another Place doesn’t have a clue what Rust is rambling about.

Twin Peaks Detectives

All your favorite TV detectives are here to help Twin Peaks’ Dale Cooper, who after 25 years agent can’t deal with this weird town alone anymore, solve a weird new case. Unfortunately- They’re probably weirder.


Voices by Michael Riffle (Dale Cooper), Meg Sevier (Abbie Mills, Molly Solverson), David Magidoff (Will Graham, Rust Cohle), Carl Forzane (Sherlock), Tom Trager (Ichabod Crane), Oren Mendez (Man From Another Place). Backgrounds by Audrey Molinatti, Masha Baitman, Eliran Cohen. Original score by Yoav Landau (The Living Tombstone). Special thanks to Ori Wirzberg, Rotem Bloch, and Aviv Or.

Hat tip to Matthew J. Spart!

Twin Peaks Detectives: Dale Cooper and Rust Cohle in the Red Room

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  1. Nice try, but the style had nothing in common with Twin Peaks. This was just a sad attempt to clutch at as many fandoms as possible. Thanks for wasting a couple of minutes of my life. 🙁

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