Directed By David Lynch GIF

Can I dedicate a post to one animated GIF?

If that animated GIF loops “Directed by David Lynch” opening credits, I sure can!

I promise, this is the awesomest GIF you’ll see today:

Directed by David Lynch GIF Animation

Can you identify all the television shows and movies these credits were taken from, in the right order? Hint: there are 14 screens, so most of his works have been included.

Oh, and have you seen the Directed by David Lynch t-shirt?

Source: I’m Machinery With A Semi-Automatic Heart

Pieter Dom

Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. Do we win a prize 🙂 I know about 90% of them, but unless there’s an incentive, I am compelled to dig up the other 10% 🙂

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