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Behind The Scenes Of A Deleted Scene From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

In anticipation of the Twin Peaks Blu-ray with the much desired deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, let’s go back in time to Everett, WA on September, 24, 1991. On this shooting day for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, David Lynch is directing several scenes with Ray WiseSheryl Lee and James Marshall in front of the Palmer residence, including a deleted scene in which Laura Palmer is approached by a concerned neighbor. And Anthony P. Anderson, Everett resident and Twin Peaks fan, is there as well, taking as many pictures as he can for us to enjoy 23 years later.

Anthony reached out to Welcome to Twin Peaks and sent an extended slideshow —which I’m proud to première below— featuring many rare behind the scenes photos along with notes and personal observations. “[Here are] some good shots, many blurry and shoddy due to distance and camera. My favorite is Ray Wise hopping on the back of James Marshall’s bike and taking off for a ride around the block. Those two were to funny together!

Behind the scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (photo by Anthony P. Anderson)

James Marshall arrives on set. James and Ray Wise horse around on the motorcycle and talk briefly with fans as they set up the next shot.

What I found interesting to watch was how David Lynch approached shooting these small related scenes,” Anthony notes. “Most directors will shoot a scene many times over until they have it and then move on. David would shoot a few takes, then move to a new shot, then after a few takes, move back to the first shot and do some more. Being an artist first, he seems to approach filmmaking very similar to that of painting. He works on an area, then moves to another, then moves back to the previous area if he feels it needs something else.

Behind the scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (photo by Anthony P. Anderson)

David gives the bike a good look over to make sure it’s okay for the scene coming up.

Filming A Deleted Scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Photos of the filming of the deleted scene appear towards the end of the slideshow. Below you can read the entire scene as written out in the original screenplay. The soundtrack to this video slideshow was composed by Anthony himself and features a few samples from the movie. Anthony is currently a docent on Alcatraz and has published a 3D book on the topic. He’s also a ghost hunter and manages a blog focused on the Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

Laura runs across two yards to a large tree and falls to her knees,
crying. She looks up and sees her father come out the front door of her house.
She watches him cross to his car and drive away.


LAURA (frantic whisper)
What? It can't be... It can't be him... no... no...


Laura is coming apart, sobbing. Behind her, on the sidewalk,
a NEIGHBOR has noticed her.




A closer look reveals how upset Laura is.


What... Laura are you all right?


Laura turns away so the woman can't see her crying. The woman takes
a couple of steps off the sidewalk onto the grass.

Behind the scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (photo by Anthony P. Anderson)

LAURA (trying to hold it together)
I... lost my necklace... it must have fallen.
Laura mimes that she has found her gold half-heart necklace.
She pretends to be clasping her gold half-heart necklace which was already around her neck.


LAURA (clumsily)
Oh, here it is.


Woman moves back to the sidewalk.


Well, I'm glad you found it, darling.


Slowly, Laura stands and moves away - leaving Mrs. Tremond's picture
on the grass under the tree.
Behind the scenes of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (photo by Anthony P. Anderson)

David Lynch rehearses a number of times and then joins Sheryl Lee on the grass to discuss the scene.



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Behind The Scenes Of A Deleted Scene From Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Rare behind the scenes photos of David Lynch directing a deleted scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and Ray Wise hopping onto James's motorcycle.

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