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Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… Baby wants the Blue Velvet playset!

This is it.

The most inappropriate toy set.


This Blue Velvet playset contains miniature versions of Frank Booth’s medical mask, a bottle of his favorite beer (“Pabst! Blue! Ribon!”), Mister Ear, and a blue velvet cloth. Choking hazard? Thanks for the warning, but that’s probably the least of your worries if you’re handing this to your kid. And starting today, you actually can. A prototype of the playset by Skullclown debuted at Monsterpalooza 2016 and got a lot of David Lynch fans excited. A few of these 100% handmade art collectibles are now available for sale and you get 15% off if you apply the coupon code WELCOMETOTWINPEAKS.

Skullclown’s Max Reinhart explains to Welcome to Twin Peaks where this crazy idea came from:

I grew up going to discount stores, bargain centers, flea markets, closeout stores, thrift stores and the like. I remember hunting around in the back of some mom and pop drug store to find some terrible little toy department. I usually ended up finding these super cheap, almost bootleg playsets for sale They used to have one that contained a tiny plastic ‘razor’, and play shaving cream and comb, with a backing card that usually said something like “Just Like Daddy’s” Shaving Playset. I was remembering these one day, and had the thought,”What’s the last thing you would ever expect to see in one of these toy departments?” Something completely inappropriate for a child to buy, take home, and play with? I have always been a fan of all things David Lynch, so the idea of a Blue Velvet playset was a perfect fit here.

It’s hard to pick the most tasteless toy included in the custom blister pack, but the severed ear is up there. Max sculpted it in wax based on photos of the original film prop. “I cast them in resin, airbrushed it, and grimed it up with ground Pacific Northwest espresso.” Each ear is topped off with a disgustingly unique clump of hair! Max would not disclose its origin.

Grab a rare Blue Velvet playset (ages 3 and up only!) and don’t forget to apply coupon code WELCOMETOTWINPEAKS for 15% off.


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This Blue Velvet Playset's Choking Hazard Warning Is The Least Of Your Worries

Shut up! Baby wants this totally inappropriate Blue Velvet playset!

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