The First 5 Minutes Of “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks” Audiobook

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Audiobook Preview

Two years after its surprise announcement, Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks novel is finally getting a multi-format release next week. For those curious about the Audible/CD-version of The Secret History of Twin Peaks, here’s a preview of the first four pages of the book which equals the first five out of a total 573 minutes (9 hours and 33 minutes) of audio.

“The Secret History of Twin Peaks” Audio Preview

Having David Patrick Kelly instead of David Lynch read an interoffice memo from Deputy Director Gordon Cole to FBI Special Agent TP, may indicate that other voice actors aren’t necessarily narrating lines for their original Twin Peaks characters either. In addition to DPK, the cast of the audiobook includes Kyle MacLachlan, Mark Frost, Russ Tamblyn, Michael Horse, Chris Mulkey, Amy Shiels, James Morrison, Robert Knepper,  Annie Wersching, Len Cariou, Mat Hostetler, Arthur Bishop and Ari Fliakos. Although yet unconfirmed, it’s unlikely the audiobook’s soundtrack was composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

Both the U.S. hardcover and the audio version will be out October 18, 2016. An 8-disc CD version is available for pre-order on Amazon and Book Depository (worldwide). A digital-only unabridged Audible version can be pre-ordered here, or from iTunes.

Special deal: if you sign up for a free 30-day trial, you can listen to the audiobook for free!

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The German audio version of the book will be released November 11th as a double CD and can be pre-ordered via Amazon.

Three Official “The Secret History of Twin Peaks” Teasers

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. Got the book yesterday!!!! Read first 30 pgs! Very interesting , I believe the book is about the history and more back round on events iof the show! Amazing writing

  2. I got my copy of the audiobook the other day. A few of the CDs have tracks with minor skips. Hopefully the digital download won’t have the same problems.

  3. Sounds like a may be bit of a chore to get through narration of letterheads and noting redacted words – but on the other hand I respect audio plays. So, to anyone who has listened to an hour or more, what is the experience of listening to the audio book like?

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