Here’s How You May Be Able To Download “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks” As An Audiobook For Free!

Russ Tamblyn as Dr. Jacoby

Listened to the 5-minute teaser and can’t wait to hear Kyle MacLachlan, David Patrick Kelly, Russ Tamblyn plus other former and new Twin Peaks cast members narrate The Secret History of Twin Peaks? That 8-disc physical release (Amazon) of the audiobook sure looks tempting, but you already bought the book and now you’re all about saving pennies for that Showtime subscription in 2017. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: you may be eligible to download those 9 hours and 33 minutes of audio bliss… for free!

Here’s the deal. If you’ve never subscribed to Audible before and live in one of the following countries, you can enroll for a free 1-month trial which gives you enough credit to download the unabridged digital download of Mark Frost’s “The Secret History Of Twin Peaks” free of charge.

Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

Alternative sign-up link:

This should work worldwide. Go on, try it and please report back!

NOTE: According to Audible, the audiobook will be available for download starting 12:00 AM Pacific Time on October 18, 2016.

Bonus clip: Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) talks pies and coffee

And in case you want to avoid getting charged after 30 days, remember to cancel your subscription after listening or before the end of the trial period.

The Secret History of Twin Peaks Audiobook
The audiobook on CD includes a bonus PDF of images from Mark Frost’s book. Photo: Leo Collett.

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. Seems like it worked! I just pre-ordered mine using my free credit for the month…it says it will be available in an hour, so I’ll report back to see if it actually works. But so far, so good!

  2. This doesn’t work for keeping the file locally downloading
    I’ve tried it in the past. It will save the file locally but in order to play it the file type forces you to listen to it logged in.

    Same goes for a mobile device.
    Unless you can drag into iTunes and then burn it which from memory isn’t possible either

    You’ll be able to listen to it for free in the month trial but not download the file to keep and re-listen

  3. Worked for me here in the U.K. Pre-ordered this morning with my one credit and it just became available. Downloaded it into my iTunes library. Thanks very much for the info!

  4. I stumbled upon this little idea earlier, but I have heard that Audible in particular is an absolute nightmare to cancel… and in certain cases keeps on charging people. Also, the file is a nightmare to convert to something else (MP3 or whatever).

    Can anyone confirm this?

  5. You can burn it to a CD (or 10 in this case) but only via Itunes. This is not Spotify, the files are not rented/streamed. You OWN this thing.
    Audible even offers the instructions for that on their website.

    @Griff: Audible is only a nightmare for people who want everything for free.

  6. Question: Has anyone downloaded the book for an e-reader? I have a Barnes & Noble gift card that is burning a hole in my wallet and I’m wondering whether I should go Nook or traditional…

    • Nice! What did you think? Is it a good version? I mean, I know it’s the same text and everything, but does it present itself as well as the paper copy (images, etc.)?

      • I would not recommend it. As I understand it, the physical version has handwritten notes in the margins. The Kobo ebook I read only had them as footnotes at the end of the chapter. Also much harder to read the fine print on some of the photos of documents and the like. In addition, on my kobo everything was in black and white, so to see the pics in full color I had to look at them on the computer app. Which made it even more difficult to read them, as you cannot zoom using their desktop software.

        I still LOVED the read, but I wish I’d done my research and just bought a hard copy. Get the physical book if you can.

          • Picked up my hardcopy today. I have grading to do for the next week or so, though, so I have to keep it wrapped up in the bag for the day when I can give myself a present…

  7. Worked in Canada. Muhahahha! Audible is actually pretty good and reasonably priced. If your into podcast and have disposable income, you’ll like a full book in this format.

  8. I’m listening to it from even though I’m in Italy. Started right when it was available, it’s really moving getting to listen all those familiar voices narrating all the facts I loved so much about Twin Peaks… What an experience!

  9. Thanks, it worked for me (in Germany). Once I bought the audiobook with my 30-day-trial credits, I chose the Download option from my Audible library which downloaded the audiobook as an .aax file. Then I used an AAX to MP3 conversion tool to, well – convert it to mp3 😉

    One note: the 9 1/2 hours audiobook is compressed into a 270 MB .aax file. I’m a bit old-fashioned, buying vinyl (mostly) and cd’s (rarely) and find it amazing that people pay any amount of money for something that is considerably compressed, but hey, not complaining – I got it for free and if I like what I’m hearing, I’m gonna get the whole thing on CD anyway.

  10. You can easily use a proxy to appear to be accessing the website from another country. I did so from Bulgaria on the UK website. It worked just fine with my BG credit card.
    Don’t forget to cancel the membership once you have bought the audio book via the received credit.

  11. Worked in Russia. Thank you for a great advise! Just finished watching 2 seasons of Twin Peaks and “Fire Walk with Me”. Exited to listen to this book with a damn fine cup of coffee!

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