David Lynch Shows Up In Twin Peaks, Confirms He’ll Start Shooting New Episodes In September

Imagine visiting the Twin Peaks filming locations in North Bend, WA and accidentally running into David Lynch. It happened to a member of the Welcome to Twin Peaks community yesterday. And it’s gonna happen a lot more starting September.

UPDATE: September now confirmed by Showtime at the Summer TCA 2015.

On a family trip through Washington state, Christoph Foque spotted David Lynch and his crew outside of Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, WA. It was the Twin Peaks co-creator’s second visit (the first one was around Christmas) to discuss Twede’s upcoming transformation back into the Double R Diner. Christoph, who works for Belgian TV production company Menuet Productiehuis, briefly spoke with the director in the parking lot of the diner, where he confirmed he’ll start shooting in September 2015, as previously suggested by Kyle MacLachlan.

Whether David Lynch will still be in town later this month for the Twin Peaks Festival is unknown and, given his zero track record of attending the fan-organized event, very unlikely. But there will definitely be music and a lot of excitement in the air in the coming weeks!

If you live in the area and spot anything both wonderful and strange, please let WTTP know!

David Lynch and crew in Twin Peaks. I mean, North Bend!

 David Lynch visiting Twin Peaks, outside of Twede's in North Bend, WA

David Lynch and Christoph Foque outside of Twede’s Cafe

David Lynch visiting Twin Peaks, outside of Twede's in North Bend, WA

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  1. There is one thing I can’t understand. If Lynch starts shooting in September 2015 and the series will air somewhere in 2017 (let’s say January), then that means that the scooting will take about a whole year?!

    The only explaination I can come up with is that al 18 episodes will be shot in one piece. On the other hand, shooting in the summer of 2016 I think is not an option voor Lynch, the Woods will loose some of there Twin Peaks magic in the summer don’t you think?

    So to go short: starting shooting in September do not match with airing in 2017. Any comments on this?

    • Not necessarily. David Lynch, hands-on and multifaceted as he is, will likely be involved in everything from editing to music composition and recording. Given the currently assumed number of episodes, at least 15 hours of television, this could take a while. Who knows exactly what post-production will involve?

      It’s not unlikely that David and Mark have thought of something creative and groundbreaking. They probably rather do it RIGHT than FAST, and leave some time for fine-tuning.

      Other variables include possible breaks in production when they move to different locales, and Showtime’s own programming strategy.

      And even if airing has been pushed back to 2017, certain things could still be happening in 2016…

      • This is what I’m thinking, too. Given the lack of official response from Showtime, I have a feeling we’re only getting half the story with the delay.

        • Showtime will likely have a very specific airdate in mind, one where they can maximize their viewing figures and fill the gap left by an outgoing show.

          I’m presuming TP will be finished sooner rather than later but the network may simply sit on the episodes until they want to air them. That sort of stuff will have very little to do with Lynch.

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