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22,000 Twin Peaks Fans Sign #SaveTwinPeaks Petition, But Showtime Needs More Convincing

22,000 Twin Peaks fans already signed the #SaveTwinPeaks petition, but apparently Showtime needs more convincing. Watch this beautiful new promo video and spread the word!
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Save Twin Peaks (coffee cup)

The past 7 days, thousands of Twin Peaks fans on Twitter and Facebook have joined the original cast in conjuring up reasons why a new series of Twin Peaks wouldn’t be the same without David Lynch as its director. In response to David Lynch’s publicly announced departure, one hundred fans also recorded their “Twin Peaks without David Lynch is like [blank]” message and shared it using the #SaveTwinPeaks tag. Check out the gallery and if you want to support the cause, upload your own video message today because your voice counts! Instagram’s 15-seconds limit or even 6 seconds on Vine should do, but there’s also YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

IMPORTANT: Word is Showtime is not convinced yet they need David Lynch on board for the entire ride, so sign the petition today and share!

And if -as a result of the bad news- you weren’t in the mood to add your signature to the petition on change.org, watching this beautiful #SaveTwinPeaks promo video by Mark Martucci from northern New Jersey will definitely help.

Save Twin Peaks (Video)

(Watch it full screen or click here for an expanded version)

Save Twin Peaks: Vinyl record

Save Twin Peaks: Mark Martucci

Save Twin Peaks: This would look nice on your wall

Save Twin Peaks: Doughnuts

Save Twin Peaks: Petition

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  1. Branko Cambj says:

    Only David Lynch can make new seson TP

  2. Louise says:

    Would Showtime please abort the project if David Lynch is not going to direct it. It would also be nice to see the cast show solidarity with Lynch and walk away from it. If, as they’ve always said, working on ‘Twin Peaks’ was always better when Lynch was directing, then they should vote with their feet. At least then Showtime would be forced to abort and we woudln’t have to suffer some under funded third season directed by some hot shot idiot who’ll more than likely mess it up.

    • Matt says:

      You don’t HAVE to “suffer” anything if Lynch doesn’t direct the new series. You’re free to not watch it. However, since Lynch WAS involved in the writing, it’s not as if this would be some fanfic version of the third season. It would, in fact, be like a majority of the original series, of which Lynch only directed six episodes. I’m not sure why you presume, sans evidence, that some “hot shot idiot” would direct it instead, but I for one would rather at least have the chance to see how the story would conclude than go the “all or nothing” route.

      • BRUCE says:

        My thoughts exactly. I’ve been saying this from the beginning. I think the “all or nothing” stance is a piss poor attitude. Bring on Season 3 with or without David Lynch directing.

        • Louise says:

          I think wishing for a season three regardless of whether it’s good or not is a ‘piss poor’ attitude.

          • Matt says:

            And if anybody had actually said “whether it’s good or not,” that might be a valid point. No one did, so it isn’t. Lynch isn’t the only good director on Earth, and he’s not the only good director to have ever worked on Twin Peaks. Best, yes. But even the highly-praised first season had only one episode and the pilot helmed by Lynch. I say if Lynch isn’t involved, bring back some of the other directors who worked on the original series.

      • Louise says:

        Yes, I’m free not watch it, just as I’m free to voice my concerns about it. I have no wish for a substandard season three, as I’m sure none of the fans do, but if you wish for a season three at any cost, regardless of its quality, then you’re free to do so, of course. It will make fans suffer, regardless of whether they watch it or not, because just knowing that it’s not going to be made the way Lynch wants it is enough to upset the fans. I’m not sure why you presume, ‘sans evidence’, that season three without David Lynch would be worth watching. The really troubling thing about recent developments is not just that Lynch won’t be directing. It’s the reason why he won’t be directing. If Showtime are not giving the show an adequate budget then it doesn’t matter who directs it. It’ll still be substandard. Anyone familiar with Lynch’s work will know that he is not a director to stick rigidly to a screenplay. He will often improvise scenes on the day of shooting. Even if his screeeplay/script is used, if it’s directed by someone else it will be very different. My evidence for that statement is everything Lynch has done up to now. Yes, I know Lynch did not direct every episode of seasons one and two but, as we know, the quality of it suffered when he wan’t there. I think for many fans the whole appeal of the proposed season three was that Lynch would produce something of consistent quality, a quality lacking in some of season two. You are free to disagree, of course, as I’ve no doubt you will.
        So who would you like to see direct season three?

        • Matt says:

          Please stop with the straw man nonsense. Nowhere in my post is there any statement akin to “regardless of quality.” And please spare me rhetoric about “suffering fans.” Some people live in Somalia. What you call suffering amounts to a triviality in any objective assessment.

          The reason I think Twin Peaks without Lynch could be worth watching is that I have hundreds of movies and TV episodes in my collection that are not directed by David Lynch and are worth watching. There are Twin Peaks episodes not directed by Lynch that are worth watching. Stephen Gyellenhall’s episode (third from the finale), for example, looked fantastic and very Lynchian. I’m aware that Lynch’s methods frequently incorporate happy accidents and such, but the fact is, what was originally promised-Lynch and Frost writing every episode, and Lynch directing all of them-is not only a best-case scenario, it’s far better than the scenario on the original series. The show started to falter more due to Lynch and Frost’s absence from the writing process, which won’t be an issue here.

          I’d love to see Lynch direct them all. I’m concerned that if he passes on it, he may well never direct anything else. He’s not showed any signs of progress on any other projects since Inland Empire nine years ago. But a series scripted by him and Mark Frost and directed by some of the old Twin Peaks directors like Dunham and Rathborne would be cool, too. And if it sucks, I don’t have to watch it again. There’s plenty else in my life.

          • Peter says:

            I completely agree, and good pick on that Gyllenhall episode. I think that it’s far more absurd to assume that Twin Peaks will be James and Evelyn-level bad without David Lynch than to think that it could still be very good. The possibility that people should embrace is that Frost and Lynch may have written terrific scripts for the season. That one of many interesting and competent choices could be brought in to direct. Instead, it seems like the majority of people are acting as David Lynch fans first, Twin Peaks fans second.

          • Louise says:

            Your sophomornic pretentions don’t impress. Obviously we don’t know if a ‘Twin Peaks’ season three without David Lynch would be any good but, given that David Lynch will not be directing and Showtime have not given a sufficient budget to it, what makes you think it would be worth watching? As I said, the reason he walked is because Showtime are not funding the project adequately. It could turn out OK, but as things stand the moment, it won’t. As things stand, they could get anyone from your wonderful DVD collection to direct and, not only would the direction be unsuitable for ‘Twin Peaks’, it still wouldn’t have the productions values it needs. If David Lynch believes Showtime aren’t investing in it properly changing the director won’t help and would more that likely result in something very substandard and un-Lynchian. Bringing ‘Twin Peaks’ by any means necessary not something that ‘Twin Peaks’ fans want. And by the way, my opinions are as valid as yours so please don’t pick a fight with someone who came here merely to express their opinions, call their opinions ‘nonsense’ and then appoint yourself as adjudicator on this chat room, telling people what to do. How sad to make this debate personal. If you’re happy to sit through an underfunded un-Lynchian ‘Twin Peaks’ that’s fine, but some people who visit a site dedicated to ‘Twin Peaks’ actually care about the quality of the show.

  3. Louise says:

    Really nice video, by the way. :o)

  4. the log says:

    Lynch, Frost & cast should band together and take it to another network.
    The overwhelming demand for a season 3 even on the grassroots level must be a blip on the radar of the other networks – last time I tuned in to Slowtime was in the late 80’s anyway. Didn’t even know it was still around – a poor mans HBO, more conservative and family friendly is how I remember that channel.

  5. Shay says:

    David lynch is acting like a spoiled little boy. he talks big about the art, but when it comes to it, its all about the money. the script it complete, and other directors did a great job in the original show, so really, showtime doesn’t need him to finish this project. i think that way too many bored people, with way too much free time on their hands, take this thing too hard. this show will be good with lynch, and good without him. so lets stop the unnecessary false hysteria and wait for the show to come out, cause i don’t know about you, but after 25 years, i just want to know how the f*** its going to end!

  6. Matt says:

    It would be nice if we had some inkling as what number of signatures, if any, WOULD convince Showtime to accede to Lynch’s conditions. Then we’d have a number and a goal to promote. The rate of new signatures is slowing more and more.

    And for the record, I do wish fans would stop the finger-pointing game of “it’s Showtime’s fault” or “it’s Lynch’s fault.” We have the only the vaguest idea of what the issues really are, so it does no good to try and lay blame. I don’t know, you don’t know, so let’s quit presuming motives and acting like we were all there at the negotiating table and have absolute surety that one side or the other is being unreasonable. (And for the record, if someone was asking me to commit to a year-long project or thereabouts, I too would be concerned about the money, because in the real world people have bills to pay. This is David Lynch, not Warren Buffett.)

  7. Peter says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only person that is questioning the mentality of “Lynch or nothing.” I love David Lynch’s work, and I would love to see him directing Twin Peaks because he directed the best episodes. But I am not willing to give up on the dream of a third season of Twin Peaks just because he might not direct it. There were good episodes of Twin Peaks that were not directed by Lynch. And given that he and Mark Frost wrote the scripts, I have faith that this could still be very good. I guess what I am saying is, my loyalty is to Twin Peaks first, David Lynch second. Regardless of who is at fault in all of this, we have been put through a ridiculous emotional wringer. I want my show back.

    • Matt says:

      For some reason, your other comment doesn’t have a reply button, so I’ll just post mine here.

      You know, I love David Lynch. He’s one of my favorite directors, possibly my very favorite. I spent way too much on an import Blu-ray box set of three of his films you can’t get on Blu-ray in Lynch’s own home country. I’d feel sad if he never ended up directing anything else. But I also won’t thumb my nose at the talents of the other directors involved. Heck, Lynch obviously liked the episode I cited enough to appropriate one of its signatures bits (the twitching hands signifying BOB’s imminent return) for Fire Walk With Me, where BOB’s hand does the same twitch, accompanied by the same sound effect. I hope they resolve this with him. but if not, I’ll wait until I see the show before passing judgment on its quality. Heck, Mark Frost is still attached, and he directed on the original series, too. His contributions to Twin Peaks are too often overlooked.

  8. Arjan Hut says:

    I think 51,201 votes should go a long way

  9. Matt says:

    Louise, what I called “nonsense” are your straw man attacks, not your opinions on the show. In case you don’t know what a straw man attack is, it’s when you put words in your opponent’s mouth and then attack that position, like the way you keep saying that I’m advocating for an “any means necessary” solution even after I’ve SPECIFICALLY SAID THAT’S NOT WHAT I’M ADVOCATING. Once could be a mistake, but at this point you’ve resorted to just plain lying about what I’ve said, when anyone can read for themselves what I actually stated. Nowhere did I tell you or anyone else what to do. I disagreed with your viewpoint. Apparently your ego is so fragile you have to respond with outright lies and misrepresentations.

    This is why I flat-out hate fans of things I like: they act as if they’re some special snowflakes for obsessing over something someone else made, like that’s some kind of achievement, and then stamp their feet and scream like bratty children when the world doesn’t cater to their whims.

    • Louise says:

      Oh, don’t take it so hard, sweetie. If Showtime press ahead then I’m sure you’ll get the season three you deserve. :o) xxxxxxxxx

      • Gary Gary Gary says:

        As an independent third party, Louise, I’d just like to point out that you’re being a pompous ass.


        • Fred says:

          And you’re being a dickhead. Thanks.

        • Louise says:

          Care to elaborate or are you another angry sophomoron who came here to bitch at me for no reason other than to give yourself a warm squishy feeling inside?

  10. John says:

    Is it possible that Lynch asked for too much money, was denied, and then presented the disagreement to the public as about “doing TP the way it should be done”?

    I don’t mean to be blasphemous in the holy temple. But remember that humans are known from time to time to present themselves as more honorable, noble, or altruistic than they actually are. It’s just a PR tactic.

    The possibility that Lynch is to blame, just as much as Showtime, doesn’t seem to have been adequately considered by anybody. Why couldn’t he be counting on the TP faithful to put the pressure on Showtime for a pay day?

  11. former lynch and frost fan says:

    In my oppinion i think mark frost can direct twin peaks season 3 and it would turn out fantastic. Keep in mind folks the writting in season two was done by others as well. All the writting in this small season was done by lynch and frost. Im sure whomever directs sticks go the storyline it will turn out fantastic.maybe not totally perfect but way better than nothing. I think that everyday that goes by with no new news fans grow less and less intrested and thats why its losing momentum in the sign ups for save twin peaks and other petition sites. Its taking too long and people have become resentful. . Just my oppinion of course.

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