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How David Lynch Stole Christmas, David Lynch’s Latest Family Guy Cameo (Video)

Six years ago, David Lynch made his first appearance in the Family Guy universe, voicing Gus the bartender in spin-off series, The Cleveland Show.

Gus returned a few dozen times, including one Family Guy episode in 2010. Although sharing his likeness with The Broken Stool’s bartender, David Lynch never made a cameo appearance as himself. Until earlier this week.

At the beginning of “How the Griffin Stole Christmas,” the 9th episode of season 15 which premiered on December 11, 2016, David Lynch enters through the chimney and horrifies a kid with his present.

Hello. I got you a present. It’s a thumb. Don’t look away. Let the fear wash over you.

He then goes on to request a plate of black coffee in the future… and the past. The short scene has two other, slightly more subtle Twin Peaks references. Can you spot them?

How David Lynch Stole Christmas

Kid: I don’t understand
David Lynch: That’s the whole point!

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How David Lynch Stole Christmas, David Lynch's Latest Family Guy Cameo (Video)

Kid: I don't understand. David Lynch: That's the whole point!