Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pops To Hold Us Over Until Official Vinyl Figures Exist

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop Set

Sooner or later, the universe is going to give us official Twin Peaks vinyl toys and/or action figures. Demand is high and rumors are strong confirmed*.

*Brian at Funko today confirmed that after years of trying, they’ve been given the green light to release Twin Peaks Pops, Action Figures and Rock Candy toys in 2017. UPDATE: Discover the first wave of Twin Peaks Pop! Vinyl Toys by Funko.

Until that day, here are four custom-made Funko Pop vinyl toys made with clay and acrylic paint. One of each is available from KreepyKrafty on Etsy.

Which Twin Peaks characters would you love to see as Pops or action figures?

Check out existing Funko Pops on Amazon, including characters from The Big Lebowski, Stranger Things, and Pulp Fiction.

Laura Palmer Custom Funko Pop

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop - Laura Palmer

Dale Cooper Custom Funko Pop

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop - Dale Cooper

The Log Lady Custom Funko Pop

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop - Log Lady

Audrey Horne Custom Funko Pop

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop - Audrey Horne

All Four Custom Funko Pops

Custom Twin Peaks Funko Pop Set

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. We need the denizens of the Lodges: Mike, Bob, the Man from Another Place, and the Giant.

    Maybe Mike and the Man from Another Place can come in a set? After all, the Man from Another Place is “the Arm.” 🙂

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