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David Lynch Doubts Return Of Twin Peaks In 2016 Due To “Complications” [UPDATE: David Lynch Returns To Twin Peaks]

David Lynch last night raised doubts about the widely announced return of Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2016, leaving Twin Peaks fans worldwide devastated.
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David Lynch won't direct the new Twin Peaks: "I am so sorry"

Latest update:



Sad Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks hasn’t returned yet, but fans are already presented with a major cliffhanger.

Worrying reports are coming in from readers of Welcome to Twin Peaks who attended the opening of the Between Two Worlds exhibition in Brisbane and the disturbing news has been confirmed by the Twittersphere: David Lynch last Friday night raised doubts about the widely announced return of Twin Peaks on Showtime in 2016.

During a sold out Q&A event and conversation with David Strattan at QPAC, the director and artist was asked whether “Twin Peaks was definitely happening.” David Lynch, breaking his self-imposed code of silence, responded: “I don’t know. There are complications.


The show’s co-creator and director added it’s not a funding issue, but a trusted source told Welcome to Twin Peaks that while the scripts are finished after nearly four years in the making, contract negotiations aren’t going as expected.

Reader Patrick Connors softened the blow on our Facebook page: “I saw Lynch say this, but I’m 100% positive he’s just being cryptic.” José Da Silva, who as the curator of the Between Two Worlds exhibition worked closely with David Lynch for the past year, told another reader that he was confident that a new series of Twin Peaks will happen.

That’s all we know so far, and needless to say, this kind of news leaves Twin Peaks fans worldwide devastated. But please DON’T PANIC JUST YET! Surely, this is nothing some cups of strong black coffee and a slice of cherry pie can’t solve. Delays are fine, as long as we get the show back, right?

Stay tuned for more and hopefully good news!

One day later…

UPDATE: In art and culture show The Mix which aired on ABCNews24 today, David Lynch responded to the question what it’s like to return to Twin Peaks after 25 years. Here’s the full quote:

“I haven’t returned yet and we’re still working on the contract, but I love the world of Twin Peaks and I love those characters. And I think it will be very special to go back into that world.” —David Lynch on March 14, 2015.

Showtime, give David Lynch all his gamonbozia!

UPDATE (3/16/2015): I’m so sorry to share with you these heart-breaking tweets by cinematographer William McCrabb, who also happens to be the cousin of one-time Twin Peaks director Diane Keaton.

Will refused to give Welcome to Twin Peaks any details, but added “let’s just hope it all works out.

Until any official word, and that better be soon, we won’t update this page just yet and stick to Dale Cooper’s advice…

UPDATE #2: It’s all good according to EW who got Showtime an unnamed source close to the show to chime in:

“Nothing is going on that’s any more than any preproduction process with David Lynch. Everything is moving forward and everybody is crazy thrilled and excited.”

So while there might still be a fish in the percolator for David Lynch, Showtime isn’t worried. Here’s hoping we don’t hear about any complications again, unless they’re #TwinPeaksComplications. 😉

Comment from Kyle MacLachlan:

UPDATE: On March 18th, Kyle MacLachlan commented on the matter in an interview with Popcorn Talk:

There’s still things to be worked out but I’m holding a very good thought that we’re gonna return to Twin Peaks.


A heartbroken David Lynch today confirmed his departure from Twin Peaks on Showtime through four tweets. Here’s his official statement:

Dear Twitter Friends, Showtime did not pull the plug on Twin Peaks. After 1 year and 4 months of negotiations, I left because not enough money was offered to do the script the way I felt it needed to be done. This weekend I started to call actors to let them know I would not be directing. Twin Peaks may still be very much alive at Showtime. I love the world of Twin Peaks and wish things could have worked out differently.

Showtime is still hopeful and was fast to respond to David Lynch:

We were saddened to read David Lynch‘s statement today since we believed we were working towards solutions with David and his reps on the few remaining deal points. Showtime also loves the world of Twin Peaks and we continue to hold out hope that we can bring it back in all its glory with both of its extraordinary creators, David Lynch and Mark Frost, at its helm.

A few hours after the bad news, Showtime boss David Nevins wrote in an e-mail that he’s still trying to save Twin Peaks.

If David Lynch is out, does that mean co-creator Mark Frost will direct all episodes? Stay tuned for more.

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.

What's your response to this?


  1. Borbay says:

    Posturing for the upper hand in negotiations… I hope.

  2. Phaoenix says:

    no way man.. hope this issue get’s a really good solution, really soon.
    Expecting twin peaks 2016 with a whole bunch damn good cups of cofee…

  3. Rob not Bob says:

    Have a hard time believing the announcements would have been made if this wasn’t already a lock.

  4. Bookhouse Boy says:

    I read Lynch’s response to mean don’t know if series will air in 2016, not don’t know if series will wait at all. Having come this far in planning the return and pre-producing scripts, cast, et al., I find it hard to believe that Peaks would not air at all. I’m sure the complication will resolve.

    • Bookhouse Boy says:

      *not don’t know if series will AIR at all. In other words, he may mean Peaks would air in 2017.

      • Grief Rhys Jones says:

        I was at the talk and I’m afraid Lynch basically just said he didn’t know if TP3 was still happening. There was nothing about a mere delay. He mentioned “complications” and mumbled something about a contract. That was effectively all he said on the matter.

        I’d like to think he was joking or trying to throw people off the scent, but he did look fairly pained about the whole thing…

  5. Lili says:

    I agree with you, Bookhouse Boy. They’ve gone too far with announcements, cast etc. to cancel it all now. I don’t think Showtime would have advertised the return of TP if they weren’t 100% sure it would happen… It would be far too risky for them to do that to fans all over the world ! So yeah, TP may be back in 2017 instead of 2016, but I really think it WILL happen.

  6. stevil says:

    I’m Sick

  7. Peter says:

    I genuinely hope that this gets worked out. I think I speak for all Peaks fans when I say that being told we are going to get a third season, after decades of nothing, and to have that ripped away from us, would be the cruelst possible outcome.

  8. David says:

    I live in Melbourne, Australia and was watching a local arts/culture show on TV last night called “The Mix”. They did a fairly thorough story on David Lynch’s art that is on display in Brisbane at the moment. I was really surprised to then see David Lynch being interviewed one-on-one with the show’s reporter. I thought “what’s he doing in Brisbane – shouldn’t he be in the US working on Twin Peaks?” I noticed he looked pretty tired and unhappy throughout the interview. He was asked what it was like to delve back into the world of Twin Peaks, at which point he gave a pretty awkward/uncomfortable answer along the lines of “I haven’t delved – we’re still at the contract stage.” Of course, when I saw this last night I knew nothing about any of these new issues reported here, but still thought how strange his words and demeanor were when asked about my favourite show. Fingers crossed!!!

  9. Becky says:

    *takes deep breath*

    Trying not to panic.trying not to panic…

  10. the log says:

    Could this just be some creative Friday the 13th bad luck mystique? It seems the best way to move forward with the show successfully is to keep us all in the dark. We all want to know every detail but that would destroy the suspense of the very unknown we love and crave. If they’re shooting it on good ol fashion film then let’s have it delivered the good ol fashion way too.
    Tune in next week – remember how great that used to be? Nevermind the social media/bingewatch obsessive culture that feels entitled to call all the shots.

  11. jon says:

    i kinda knew something was wrong when so far only 1 single cast member has been officially confirmed, Kyle MacLachlan, since that news broke theres has been no real news development until now.
    So I’m cautious bout the return but keeping hope tha it will still occur.

  12. Arjan Hut says:

    I hope it’s just a catering problem. Please, meals-on-wheels, bow down to misters Lynch and Frost!

  13. Marc says:

    I wonder if the “contract” referred to is tied to Twin Peaks originally airing on ABC, and now being broadcast on Showtime (part of the same ownership group as CBS.) Maybe the lawyers discovered some new contract clause. I can’t really imagine it being anything cast related, as Kyle McChlachan is the only indispensable one, and he’s on board, plus virtually everyone else seemed very enthusiastic.

  14. Bookhouse Boy says:

    According to Lynchland (facebook.com/Lynchland): “…Jose Da Silva, curator of the “Between Two Worlds” exhibition in Brisbane, told Lynchland that David “simply mentioned that there were contractual issues holding up the process. It will happen.” He also added that “Twin Peaks” won’t be shot on film, contrary to what David indicated a few months ago.” If filming has yet to begin and contracts are still at large, then it would make sense that new episodes may not air in spring 2016. Perhaps later in the year instead or later. Regardless of whatever hold up is in play, Peaks will occur. This will not be a repeat of Mulholland Drive intended for series, then cancelled and reduced to a movie. (Though I personally would settle for a Peaks movie… or three.) Admittedly, I hope more than I know for sure.

    • Avatar photo Twin Pie says:

      Mentioned that in the article as well. Been trying to confirm that “digital” (versus “film”) statement for a while, but no luck so far.

  15. Lili says:

    Well, Lynch’s quote is good news. There may be some “complications” or delay with the contracts, but it seems like it WILL be happening…

    About the comment above — what’s this about TP not being shot on film? Didn’t David Lynch say several times that he wanted to go back to film for the new season? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I trust Lynch to do something good.

    And about the cast members not being officially confirmed yet… I think that’s just part of Lynch’s strategy. The man loves to keep us in the dark, he’s not one to give us much information about his upcoming projects. I’m not too worried about that. The whole cast seemed really enthusiastic, so…

    • Avatar photo Twin Pie says:

      Shooting digital (instead of film) is something I’ve been trying to confirm for a few weeks, but nothing on the record yet. If true, it COULD be linked to the “complications” or just a change of mind.

      • Lili says:

        Yeah, maybe it IS part of the “complications”… (Although I don’t really see why Showtime would want Lynch to shoot digital rather than on film?) Do you know where and when this rumour started?

  16. Mathias says:

    The above ‘ABC vs Showtime’ theory seems to me much more plausible than the film vs. digital one.

    One other theory I thought up is that Lynch maybe wants Bowie (or some other expensive actor) in, but Showtime is unwilling to pay the salary those demand. (From what I heard, Bowie was expensive like hell for FWWM for example).

    As for the film vs digital, at this point I no longer care. AS LONG as Lynch has the good taste to use modern HD digital and NOT the low res cameras he used for Inland Empire, and it looks like, let’s say, True Detective then I’m fine.

    Of course it would be awesome if he DID use film, just because of the completeness and tradition of the fact that Twin Peaks was the first TV-show to use film. It would be a nice touch because of that. But I no longer see it as that mandatory to me.

    • Lili says:

      Agreed. Filming digital if it’s proper HD is fine by me. I trust Lynch to do the right thing. ‘True Detective’ looked beautiful.

      And I think you’re right, it most likely is a budget issue. But damn, I hope Showtime doesn’t ruin the whole thing with these budget restrictions. An actor like Bowie probably IS really expensive (it is David f*cking Bowie, after all), but if Lynch wants him, PLEASE, Showtime, just say yes. Say yes to anything.

      Although I can’t imagine that Showtime would have announced the return of ‘Twin Peaks’ if they hadn’t already discussed all these issues in detail with Lynch and Frost… You don’t make public announcements until you’re 100% sure it will happen, right?

    • Miffy says:

      Twin Peaks was the first TV show to use film? Hardly.

  17. Chris says:

    I really doubt that Bowie will be involved in TP3, he’s moved into a hyper-reclusive phase of his career. Much more likely that the problem is a rights issue with ABC. Contracts can always be resolved, it will just be a money issue.

  18. Aaron says:

    New here, but I lurk…I don’t think Showtime has anything to really lose by upsetting Twin Peaks fans, as much as we’d like to think so. They probably appreciated the chance to announce this and test out how the buzz was these many years later. They must have been pleased – every news site in the western influenced world, was running stories on it.

    So, I bet nothing was 100% certain with the ‘announcement.’ Just think, it could have been a flop in the media. It wasn’t, so it just sounds like Mr. Lynch is negotiating for more money.

    I’m really hopeful that the Lynch/Frost team is going for a whole new set of characters otherwise it may feel too much like a reunion show.

  19. drax says:

    The last update sound really bad…I think it’s dead; very sad news.

  20. Joel Bocko says:

    Aaron, I don’t think it’s fans Showtime is worried about so much as their wider reputation. This was a huge boon for them, garnering tons of positive press and cache that usually goes to, say, HBO. To then lose the show would be humiliating – they would have egg all over their face. Frankly I think they have a lot more to lose here than Lynch does.

  21. jellyroll says:

    As a huge Twin Peaks fan I have to say honestly that I would be fine with it not happening. The original ending is so perfect and devastating that it throws the imagination into turmoil! That same imagination has been stewing over this for 25 years… I would almost prefer it to be left alone. As it is I think it is fabulous. I would hate to see it tainted in any way by a modern revisit. These revisits of old shows and movies almost always fall short. Just one fans opinion.

  22. Arjan says:

    Will Mc Crap!

  23. Shannon T. Nutt says:

    Showtime is going to sue David’s pants off if he doesn’t give in…they’ve got contracts with actors that they’re going to have to pay off.

    Lynch is also risking the good will all the fans have given him over the years. If TWIN PEAKS doesn’t happen and this is the reason, David Lynch is dead to me.

  24. Ross says:

    I reply to Shannon above- I’ve heard that none of the actors have contracts yet. Verbal agreements yes, but nothing legal. Except for perhaps Kyle. There may actually be NO contracts yet at all. Now why they officially announced it WELL BEFORE contracts were signed is anybody’s guess.

    • Shannon T. Nutt says:

      Kyle IS signed to a contract…Showtime has reported as much.

  25. Peter says:

    If David Lynch is holding this entire thing up to get a bigger chunk of the pie, I am going to be awfully disappointed with him, because he will have gotten our hopes up for the past four months or so, only to cruelly take it away from us. If Showtime actually went ahead and announced a return of the show, put it on their website, without actually locking all of this stuff down, and we don’t end up getting the third season, then I am canceling my subscription to Showtime and never returning to their network. I honestly cannot believe that this is happening right now. It just astonishes me. We have all come too far for this to fall apart now.

  26. Peter says:

    (Slowly climbs back in off the ledge)

  27. Chance says:

    Of course Showtime are still saying everything’s on track, though. Networks tend to be far more diplomatic (ie. bland) in their language than the artists involved. As far as they’re concerned, it’s either still happening or it’s definitely not. There won’t be much middle ground; certainly none they’d be willing comment on, anyway.

    I mean, they wouldn’t have said anything at all about this if Lynch hadn’t already dropped hints in public.

  28. Lynch frost fan says:

    Im so tired of this on again off again garbage. If this doesnt end up happeneing im done being a fan of david lynch period, how irresposible of sbowtime and lynch to even concider announcing its return If its not gonna happen, just say its not already and Stop playing with the hearts of divoted fans. I read this news and got sick to my stomach. .its bullshit

  29. Shannon T. Nutt says:

    Showtime has officially green lit this and now owns the completed scripts and the rights to produce them. Any contract dispute is just over David’s involvement and profits at this point. In other words, Showtime can do this with or without him…and my guess is while they’d love to have David’s fulk involvement and blessing, they’re not going to let him derail it either.

    • Lili says:

      Well,if “Twin Peaks” happens without Lynch’s blessing and if he’s not involved in the new season, I think I don’t want it to happen at all. “Twin Peaks” without Lynch is just… nah. I REALLY hope the contract issues work out!

    • Gary Gary Gary Gary says:

      A show can be greenlit then announced as not happening. I don’t imagine that Showtime “own” the scripts if nothing has been signed, especially as Lynch & Frost were originally able to shop around networks with the project. That surely implies they belong to the creators. We know nothing more than copies of the scripts have been given to Showtime – basic courtesy to keep potential suits in the loop.

  30. Glastonbury Grove says:

    It is really embarrassing that an artist from the caliber of Lynch would make his monetary demands so public. If his involvement in the return of Twin Peaks is so dependent on financial gain, than he should not bother doing it after all. It’s a shame that he and Showtime would make public announcements for something that is not even 100% pre-negotiated already. I hope this is a marketing strategy and nothing more only to escalate hype.

  31. Arjan says:

    A good financial deal is also important for the cast and crew involved, most of whom are not millionaires you know.

  32. former lynch and frost fan says:

    I think the whole thing was a hoax. .

  33. former lynch and frost fan says:

    I have the twin peaks gold box set. Also the blue series 1 fold out set as well as the blue season two box with ep, 8 to 29. Also dune, the elephant man, blue velvet, wild at heart, mulholland drive, lost highway,inland empire,the short stories of david lynch, free to anyone who wants them. Im done with the games, if the new twin peaks comes out good. I will not be watching it. I think david lynch and mark frost and showtime are a bunch of idiots. Just my oppinion. I dont care what reason they have. What theyve done to the true fans was cold and wrong and im no longer interested in checking day from day for updates.

    • Matt says:

      Producing a TV series is an extremely complicated process, whether you care about the reasons or not. People have real lives and real issues to deal with, none of which have anything to do with you or me. Posturing on the Internet about how you’re giving away all your DVDs says a lot about you, none of it terribly mature, and won’t affect Lynch and Frost one bit. I hope they resolve this mess as well, but I couldn’t care less about the wounded psyches of “true fans.”

    • LauraWrappedInPlastic says:

      I’ll take em if you’re giving them away!

  34. David Bricknell says:

    David Lynch began tweeting about an hour ago that he has left the Twin Peaks reboot because Showtime aren’t providing the budget that he feels the scripts require. He says he has been contacting the actors over the weekend and that the show may still proceed without him.

    Any suggestions to reverse this “worst case scenario”? Kickstarter to add to the budget? Lobby Showtime? Lynch needs to direct these shows!!!!

  35. David Bricknell says:

    David Lynch began tweeting about an hour ago that he has left the reboot of Twin Peaks due to Showtime not providing the budget that he feels the scripts require. He say the show may go on without him and that he spent the weekend contacting the actors to let them know.

    Maybe a Kickstarter campaign is required to supplement the budget? Or lobbying Showtime? David Lynch needs to direct these shows!!!

  36. Why not starting the movie first and then making it a series. Part of the previous Twin Peeks could be started and intertwines with part of the later series. But, without David Lynch, Kyle, Anderson it won’t be the same.

  37. ShadowedChild says:

    I dunno, im on Lynch’s side no matter what. If showtime can’t give him what Twin Peaks needs 2 come alive again, then i can’t blame him 4 backing out. It’s not really about CAN’T GIVE him either, is it? It’s about WON’T. If they were not willing 2 give him complete control n the funding he needs then they should not have aagreed 2 pick the how back up in the first place. Just my opinion, after all, the man IS a creative genious n as an artist i would never, myself delve in2 anything, or relase 2 the public something i thought was gonna be half-assed.

  38. ShadowedChild says:

    I do also wanna add that i will be xtremely upset if this does not go thru. But i will lay the blame on Showtime 4 agreeing 2 this and not backing up the production with what it needs. I honestly dont think David Lynch is just being money hungry but theres a big difference between a picture colored with crayolas n an oil painting with top of the line paints. Ask ureselves this, which would u rather see the show return as? A childs dtawing or a masterpiece painted by michaelangelo?

  39. David Bricknell says:

    Will McCrabb who is an LA based cinematographer (and Diane Keaton’s cousin) is tweeting that David Lynch will not be directing Twin Peaks but that it is proceeding without him.

  40. LauraWrappedInPlastic says:

    Did you guys hear? Lynch is back online with Showtime due to some unorthodox twitter negotiations. Good on him. IMDB has the project listed as in production, with an air date of 2017. What I’m interested in is just how Lynch is going to fit all that missing story as well as 25 years of the casts age progression.

  41. Salomon says:

    If Showtime actually went ahead and announced a return of the show, put it on their website, without actually locking all of this stuff down, and we don’t end up getting the third season, then I am canceling my subscription to Showtime and never returning to their network.

  42. If Showtime actually went ahead and announced a return of the show

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