David Lynch Won’t Talk Twin Peaks Until 2016, Except That He’ll Shoot It On Film

UPDATE (2015): David Lynch has since said he won’t shoot the new episodes on film, and it appears that has always been his intention.

It’s beautiful. I like the world [of Twin Peaks] too. Somehow back then, ideas came and a world was made. It’s great that people like that world and want to go back into it.
—David Lynch

David Lynch loves the worldwide excitement for the new series, but don’t bother him with any questions about it. He won’t be answering them. When asked for a comment on the excitement of the original cast to get involved again next year, the co-writer and director stopped Agenda Magazine right in their footsteps.

I’m not talking about Twin Peaks now. Not until 2016.
—David Lynch

Meanwhile, just let him and Mark Frost work their magic. And to be honest, I’m not too sure he’ll be answering those questions in 2016 either.

David Lynch is not talking about Twin Peaks until 2016
Photo by Welcome to Twin Peaks. Quote from Agenda Magazine, November 2014

The director did confirm the assumption that the new series will be shot on film just like the original show. Earlier this year, David Lynch admitted he was falling in love with film again. Celluloid, that is, as opposed to digital as used Inland Empire and many of his recent projects. And as it later turned out, his love for the medium was rekindled by The Missing Pieces which he restored for the Twin Peaks Blu-ray, stating recently that he was “overwhelmed by the depth and the beauty that celluloid and film can give.” So here’s what he did reveal about the new episodes:

So it’s not like we’re saying now: “Oh boy, we’re gonna really do some raunchy things.” We’re gonna do the same things, but in better quality. And film remains the best quality.
—David Lynch

Even the sound is better now.

[Twin Peaks] is for the biggest screen you can get in your house. I’ve made television before. You build it for that. At the time, it was network television: the sound wasn’t good. Now it’s not so bad any more.
—David Lynch

And just in case anyone’s worried, he’s not afraid of the day he’ll run out of ideas.

I’m never gonna run out of ideas.
—David Lynch

So if someone at Showtime is reading this, why not renew the show for 2017 already?

Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. The number one priority for Lynch and Frost is to re-establish a central mystery at the heart of the programme that’s as compelling as the Laura Palmer murder. If they crack that, the rest will follow.

  2. I think the best is doing a limited series and finish the main story with Cooper, and explain some mysteries… I was excited about it having more seasons but when I find out was a limited series I was OK with it, remember what happened after the reveal of Laura’s killer in season 2… everything was downhill. If they have enogh audience after that season we can talk about a continuation, but I guess they will cover many issues they had planned for the film trilogy and some new in this “future” of the town.

  3. “So if someone at Showtime is reading this, why not renew the show for 2017 already?”

    World of Twin Peaks is like a mine of ideas, so I think it will be something more than just nine episodes. The year 2016 is like a new opening for this universum.

  4. I think its too soon for “SHOWTIME” to renew “Twin Peaks” for another season beyond what is planned for 2016. Maybe once they see the first 2 episodes they will HOWEVER I wouldn’t expect another season until 2018.