Something’s Under Wraps, But Stay Tuned!

On request of CBS Home Entertainment and Paramount, Welcome to Twin Peaks has removed the content of this article due to incomplete information and unapproved content. To avoid spreading confusion among Twin Peaks fans, Welcome to Twin Peaks will only share information obtained directly from the aforementioned companies.

UPDATE: Twin Peaks: From Z to A and Twin Peaks: The Television Collection have been officially announced.

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Written by Pieter Dom

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  1. There’s 30 episodes in the original series. I don’t understand why even Paramount say 29. The pilot episode is still an episode… unless that’s not included in the release?!

    • The Pilot has always been labeled at “Pilot” followed by Episode 1, 2, etc. seems a bit English to me but it is what it is ????

  2. Lack “Fire Walk With Me” and “The Missing Pieces” conected together in one film – since FWWM is important part of whole story, especially for The Return (now we could even call it episode/part 0).

  3. I understand that you want to have a good relationship with CBS. But as Janey-E might say: We live in a dark, dark age, and a big company pressuring a small fan-driven website to take down already published news, is part of the problem.
    That said, hopefully this means that Fire Walk With Me is considered for inclusion. A Twin Peaks box without the movie is not complete, and a very bad option.

  4. Would be the ultimate if it included a director’s cut of FWWM. Sabrina Sutherland hinted in an interview after the finale of The Return that could eventually happen at some point in the future. It was the one movie that Lynch most intended to be longer. Based on the missing pieces, much great stuff could be included. But I would be happy just to see some new extras in the complete series and some nice cover artwork for the set.

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