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Directed By David Lynch Stickers


YOU FOUND THEM! These Twin Peaks-style “Directed by David Lynch” stickers let you add the ‘bizarre’ to your belongings and surroundings.

Does your life need more David Lynch? Of course it does! And you just discovered a fast and easy way to achieve this goal. Stick these to your windows to make sense of the strange world out there. Weather, sun, and scratch-resistant, these high-quality, durable (yet, still removable) transparent stickers are available per 5 (pay for 3, get 2 decals for free) or 10 (get a 2nd set at 50% off). Trust me, you’ll need WANT multiples (hellooo-ooo-ooo, viral memes).

LIMITED TIME BONUS: Every order comes with a free greeting card and bonus sticker.

ALSO available as a sweatshirt, t-shirt, white mug and black coffee mug.

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Product description

Directed by David Lynch stickers let you add the ‘bizarre’ to everyday objects and your surroundings.

Put a Directed by David Lynch sticker on the cover of your secret diary and pages may start to disappear. Stick one to your front door and mysterious VHS tapes could end up on your porch. Apply a sticker to the trunk of your car to warn drivers you’re on a joyride with Frank Booth. Put Directed by David Lynch decals on your laptop, bicycle, window, notebook, locker, cans of creamed corn, damn good coffee machine, or simply in the middle of your television screen while binge-watching Twin Peaks! Or, once you’ve done all that, recreate the viral David Lynch sticker meme at home. In any case, Welcome to Twin Peaks is not responsible for any consequences both wonderful and strange.

A spin-off of the original Directed by David Lynch sweatshirt and Directed by David Lynch t-shirt, these viral stickers measure about 4.5″ by 1.2″, have durable weather and scratch-resistant UV lamination, and transparent spacing around the letters.

Available per 5 (pay for 3, get 2 free Directed by David Lynch decals) or per 10 (get 50% OFF a second set).

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Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 1.2 in

5-pack, 10-pack, 10-pack BOING BOING Edition

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