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Harry Goaz Had His Twin Peaks Script Shredded Right After Filming, Says David Bowie Was To Return

Harry Goaz: “It was magical, heart-wrenching and very tearful at the end. For everyone.”
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Deputy Andy Brennan in Twin Peaks

Only a handful of actors have so far shared some of their experiences on the set of the new Twin Peaks, like Michael Horse and Owain Rhys Davies, and today, Harry Goaz can be added to that list. In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, the actor opens up about his rare and amazing opportunity to return to the world of Twin Peaks.

Spoiler alert: Harry Goaz reveals minor details about his character.

David doesn’t really direct actors so much as he paints with them. So, in that comes a lot of trust that you relinquish to him wholeheartedly. To be able to go back to that 25 years later is amazing. We have a very maternal, psychic connection.

The actor, who filmed both in Washington state and Los Angeles, says he received his lines only the morning of shooting. And not even entire scenes, just the parts where Deputy Andy Brennan was involved. After filming, he would have to return the pages so they could, under supervision, be fed to a shredder.

And yes, Andy is still a deputy. “I’m very angry to say that I’m still a deputy. I have not been promoted. But I do have my own office because I saw my nameplate on a desk, so that’s rather exciting for Andy.” It also appears that his character has learned to “keep the faucet closed,” but Harry promises there’s still plenty of chin quivering!

It was magical, heart-wrenching and very tearful at the end. For everyone.

Talking about getting tearful; Harry also revealed David Bowie was set to return to the story as FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Sadly, the cameo didn’t happen before the musician’s death in January this year. This doesn’t necessarily mean the absence of the character, but until now, a lot of fans have been speculating David Bowie was deliberately left off the new cast list to maximize the surprise in 2017.

Phillip Jeffries / Gordon Cole: Mayday! Mayday!

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  1. the log says:

    I have a feeling David Bowie will re-emerge. He seemed to be acting as an elusive pop magician over the last couple of years. Also, there were no statements from Lynch in regards to Bowie’s moving closer to the golden dawn, which seemed rather odd. Bowie was also sporting a look in the end that was the likeness of Phillip Jeffries – and I would go so far as to say in reality – living, appearing and disappearing just like his character. I do believe it will be the last gift from the blackstar.

  2. Rob B. says:

    The real question is how many kids he and Lucy have now… 🙂

  3. Yea! Deputy Andy’s back. Harry Goez rocks!

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WELCOME TO TWIN PEAKS | Fanning the fire, one (b)log at a time | And there's always David Lynch in the air...
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