Exclusive “Xiu Xiu Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks” Album Stream

Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (Full Album Stream)

Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (Full Album Stream)

From Australia over Europe to North America, Xiu Xiu has performed their interpretation of the Twin Peaks soundtrack to captivated crowds across the world since it was commissioned by the Gallery of Modern Art for their David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition in March 2015. Due to the overwhelming support and demand, their visceral take on Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s compositions was captured on a studio album with the help of producer Jherek Bischoff and mixer Greg Saunier. Plays The Music of Twin Peaks was released on Record Store Day 2016… and the album rapidly sold out.

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh… Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey. A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

For the fans who missed out on the vinyl and the shows, Welcome to Twin Peaks today teamed up with the record label to exclusively stream the entire Xiu Xiu Plays The Music of Twin Peaks album in celebration of the upcoming digital release on Friday and the second vinyl pressing arriving August 19, 2016. You can find more information via Polyvinyl Records (North America) and Bella Union (Europe).

Enjoy the intense voyage that is Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Xiu Xiu – Plays The Music of Twin Peaks (Full Album Stream)

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  1. Laura Palmer’s Theme (0:00)
  2. Into The Night (5:03)
  3. Audrey’s Dance (10:15)
  4. Packard’s Vibration (14:41)
  5. Nightsea Wind (18:31)
  6. Blue Frank/Pink Room (25:37)
  7. Sycamore Tree (31:28)
  8. Harold’s Theme (38:16)
  9. Dance of the Dream Man (42:12)
  10. Falling (47:22)
  11. Love Theme Farewell (54:20)
  12. Josie’s Past (1:00:44)

Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (Full Album Stream)

Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (Live in New York)

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. This record is mind-blowing. The drama, tension, beauty, and mystery of the original soundtrack is still here, but transfigured, and with a sharper edge. As a long-time Xiu Xiu fan I think this is their best record in years, and it finally convinced me (hearing their cover of “Falling” a couple of months ago) to take the leap into Twin Peaks (I’m on episode 16… WOW). Like the show, this record seduces you into another world. And it’s a testament to the power of the original songs.

    Highlights for me are the haunting rendition of the opener “Laura Palmer’s Theme,” the drifting dream of “Nightsea Wind,” Jamie’s theatrics on “Sycamore Tree,” and, of course, the band’s cathartic take on Julee Cruise’s vocal version of “Falling.”

    This record is brilliant. Dark and hypnotizing. What a great companion piece to the show. Check out Xiu Xiu’s “A Promise” and “Fabulous Muscles” if you connect with “Plays the Music of Twin Peaks.” Jamie Stewart (band leader and founder) is far-and-away one of the most exhilarating artists around today.

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