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Michael Horse Talks Appearing In Twin Peaks Teaser, Does Away With Concerns About New Series: “There’s NOBODY Like David Lynch!”

Sheriff Truman, Deputy Hawk and Agent Cooper

“Shout-out to all Twin Peaks fans. They're the greatest fans.” —Michael Horse #DeputyHawk Click to Tweet

Michael Horse (aka Deputy Tommy “Hawk” Hill) got on the phone with Ben and Bryon from Twin Peaks Unwrapped this week to chat about his art, The X-Files (and David Duchovny), David Lynch‘s The Cowboy and the Frenchman, and of course, the original and upcoming Twin Peaks.

SPOILER ALERT: Michael mentions some returning cast members, so stop reading here if you’d rather not know.

His solo appearance in the most recent tease for the new Twin Peaks already gave it away: Deputy Hawk will be part of the revival on Showtime. On the podcast, the American actor confides that he’s really happy with his role in the forthcoming series: “I have some great things to do; they were very generous with what I have to do.” So what about his observations in the teaser video? Those lines didn’t come from a script, but straight from Michael’s heart.

I don’t like to be interviewed and I’m just sitting around with nothing to do. And they said, will you talk to these [two] guys [from Showtime] and I wanted to be nice to them, so I go talk to them. I wasn’t trying to be deep, I was just telling them how I feel. You know, I’m the most un-New Age guy in all of Berkeley [California], but there’s holy places out there [in Washington State]. […] The things I said were sincere. I’m thinking, they’re not gonna use this, but they finally did.

MIchael Horse in new Twin Peaks teaser

Michael can think of at least one important reason for being part of the cast again: “Hawk is kind of the anchor. […] Hawk is the thing that holds everything down.” Describing the Native American deputy as a wonderful character, the actor praises the original series’ writers for letting him do away with stereotypes, holding mirrors up to others and giving him a sense of humor: “If I did anything in my career, that‘s something I can really be proud of.”

His favorite scene?

“The one where Cooper is throwing rocks at bottles.”

Twin Peaks: rock throwing scene

[bctt tweet=”“David Lynch is the kindest, sweetest man. He’s like Jimmy Stewart with Salvador Dali’s intestines.” —Michael Horse” via=”no”]

“Kyle [MacLachlan] was so kind and so excited to see everybody,” Michael says of recent filming. “When you see Andy and Lucy in this, you’re gonna bust up. [Harry Goaz and Kimmy Robertson] are better than they ever were!” Without giving away names, he adds “there’s all of kinds of new little hip kids that are gonna be in it.”

And leave it Deputy Hawk to stop your concerns right here:

To all those people out there wondering if the new series is gonna be good: YES!

It’s been the best television I’ve ever seen in the last 10 years. Fargo is wonderful, and True Detective was probably one of the best things I’ve ever seen, Game of Thrones… And I thought, you know, will the fans be disappointed?

About three days into doing it, I went, no… no they won’t! There’s NOBODY like David […] and shout-outs to Mark too.

Twin Peaks Unwrapped 34: Michael Horse

Listen to the entire interview below, and make sure to check out previous episodes of Twin Peaks Unwrapped too.


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Michael Horse Talks Appearing In Twin Peaks Teaser, Does Away With Concerns About New Series: “There's NOBODY Like David Lynch!”

“To all those people out there wondering if the new Twin Peaks is gonna be good... YES! There's NOBODY like David Lynch!” —Michael Horse:

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