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Twin Peaks Fest 2011 Actors Q&A (Videos)

A big thanks to Alison Doyle for pointing me to a bunch of videos she made of the Q&A with the celebrity guests at the Twin Peaks Fest 2011. Enjoy!

Sheryl Lee, Ray Wise, Jan D’Arcy, Phoebe Augustine and Lenny Van Dohlen discuss Washington weather and filming the pilot episode at the Seattle Art Museum’s Lynch movie night.

Sheryl Lee discusses working with David Lynch and describes how she refused to do a non-scripted scene from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, involving a pig’s head.

Who did the cast members think killed Laura Palmer.

Sherilyn Fenn on Audrey’s dance and cappuccino’s.

Ray Wise on giving away the killer to a Russian film crew.

Sheryl Lee on how David Lynch “painted” her as the Laura Palmer corpse.

Sheryl Lee learned about the film industry being wrapped in plastic.

Sherilyn Fenn on Red Pop and Michigan.

New: Actors on who they’d like to play if they could play another character.

New: The cast on David Lynch and killing Laura

New: Sheryl Lee talks some more about working with David Lynch

If anyone has the full length Q&A session, please let me know!

New: Here’s the entire Q&A at the Seattle Art Museum, as seen through the lens of suspekt29!

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Twin Peaks Fest 2011 Actors Q&A (Videos)

Videos of the Q&A with the Twin Peaks actors at the Twin Peaks Fest 2011.

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