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Angelo Badalamenti’s Henry Mancini Award Acceptance Speech

Angelo Badalamenti & his lawn mowerAs I tweeted back in June, Angelo Badalamenti was recently honored with the Henry Mancini Award by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). Badalamenti received the award straight from the hands of frequent collaborator and brother-from-another-mother, David Lynch. Here’s the anecdotal acceptance speech from the man who composed almost all of the music for Twin Peaks:

And here’s a video of Badalamenti rehearsing for live versions of Mulholland Drive‘s Jitterbug and The Straight Story’s Laurens Walking:

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Angelo Badalamenti's Henry Mancini Award Acceptance Speech

Angelo Badalamenti's acceptance speech for the ASCAP Henry Mancini Award 2011.

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