I Love Twin Peaks: Damn Good Coffee Edition T-Shirt

I love Twin Peaks and damn good coffee t-shirt

The next one in the series I Love Twin Peaks t-shirts, inevitably, had to be the damn good coffee version. Earlier designs include a heart shaped necklace, a heart shaped cherry stem, and a cherry pie with heart shaped spilled bits. And now there’s a brand new Twin Peaks t-shirt showing a damn fine cup of coffee with its ‘crema’ (that’s the fine foam on top) forming… a subtle heart. This is one for the coffee aficionados and baristas (or is that “baristi”?) among you.

I love Twin Peaks and damn good coffee t-shirt

» Get the I Love Twin Peaks (Coffee) edition (multiple colored t-shirts and hoodies available).

» You can purchase all our Twin Peaks t-shirts.

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