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What’s Inside “The Blue Box”: A Mulholland Drive Inspired Drawing

If you enjoyed Marco Sparta‘s Twin Peaks ensemble drawing “Into The Night”, have a good look at the artist’s second take on a world imagined by David Lynch.

In The Blue Box, the Italian illustrator revisits 2001’s Mulholland Drive and its many peculiar characters like Mr. Roque, the cowboy, and the magician. Angelo Badalamenti‘s Luigi Castigliane already appeared in the Twin Peaks piece and of course he returns here. Director David Lynch makes a cameo too and there’s a clear nod to his “Best Director” Oscar nomination in 2002. And watch out for that scary bum…

Explore “The Blue Box” by Marco Sparta, inspired by David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive

An art print (framed or not) of The Blue Box is available here.

Marco Carta - The Blue Box


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What's Inside “The Blue Box”, A Mulholland Drive Inspired Drawing

In “The Blue Box”, Marco Sparta revisits David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and its peculiar characters, like the cowboy and Mr. Roque. Watch out for the bum!

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