David Lynch In Search Of The Missing Pieces In Funny Or Die Spoof Ad For The Twin Peaks Blu-Ray

David Lynch in Funny Or Die spoof ad for the Twin Peaks Blu-ray

The people behind comedy video website Funny Or Die are no doubt big Twin Peaks fans. They regularly cast Ray Wise in their skits, they “recreated” this Thom Yorke dances like the Man From Another Place spoof a few years ago, and today they’re revealing a spoof ad for Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery on Blu-ray.

In the parody commercial, David Lynch goes from presenting his daily weather report —yes, he really recorded those years ago— to digging through old VHS videotapes in search of “The Missing Pieces’, the legendary deleted scenes from Twin Peaks. As in every good Twin Peaks spoof, there are red curtains, cherry pie and people speaking backwards… but the best part of this spoof is their remake of the Lynch/Frost ident at the end.

Twin Peaks by Funny Or Die

David Lynch's Daily Weather Report in Funny Or Die spoof ad for the Twin Peaks Blu-ray

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