3.5 Hour Fan Edit Puts The Missing Pieces Back Into Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me - Teresa Banks, and the Last Days of Laura Palmer fan edit by Q2

Ever since the news broke that David Lynch was finally going to reveal the deleted scenes from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, people have wondered whether he’d put them back in the movie or not. He never does. So once again, the director left his final cut for what it was and released the unseen footage as The Missing Pieces, a separate feature on the Twin Peaks Blu-ray.

Of course, this left many fans longing to see those scenes within their original context. But it didn’t take long for fan editor Q2, who previously made an epic five hour cut of the entire show called Northwest Passage, to step up and accept the challenge to produce a version of the film that was as close to the shooting script as possible, which turned out to be “definitely more challenging than anticipated“, as he told Welcome to Twin Peaks. “I didn’t expect the musical cues between theatrical scene and extended scene to be this troublesome.” That’s the reason why this edit offers two audio selections:

The main one is my preferred version. The second has one scene altered. When Jeffries tells Cole about the convenience store I couldn’t decide if I liked it with music in the scene like the theatrical cut, or as the Missing Pieces presents it (i.e. no music). I put it to a vote and it came out as a tie; there was no obvious choice. Because of that I offer the ‘no music’ version as an alternate audio track (track 2) within the MP4.

Only a week after the official release of Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, here is Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me – Teresa Banks, and the Last Days of Laura Palmer, an unofficial, three and a half hour fan edit by Q2 that includes all but three deleted scenes: Cooper talking to Diane, Bobby giving Laura $10,000, and Bobby testing drugs in the woods. These were left out because there was no good way to make them adjacent scenes, Q2 explains:

Cooper talking to Diane is sort of a goofy scene. The following scene where Coop walks into Gordon’s office is more serious. The two scenes have different vibes and just felt wrong next to each other. I looked at putting it later in the film but by that point we’ve had the Jeffries scene and Desmond has disappeared. It’s more somber so that Diane scene felt like it came out of nowhere.

As for the Bobby/Laura scenes, it happens after the beautiful montage Laura’s day at school. It’s heartbreaking, and to have that suddenly be interrupted by a goofy (high?) Laura getting the money felt odd. In hindsight, I suppose I could have left Bobby’s scene in, but when Laura goes to his house, he tells her the bad news anyway so it didn’t make sense to have the same information conveyed twice.

Piracy is illegal, so download only if you have already purchased Twin Peaks on Blu-ray.

UPDATE: An improved version of this edit has been completed but is not publicly available. Q2 has decided to take his fan edit of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me offline indefinitely out of respect for all parties involved. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Original run time: 135 minutes
  • Fan edit run time: 209 minutes
  • Specs: 1080p High Definition (MP4), English 5.1 Dolby Digital

Again, this fan edit is a single person’s approach to Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me and The Missing Pieces. It is not endorsed by David Lynch, MK2, CBS, Paramount, or anyone else but Q2, and there will likely be more fan edits of the same material in the future (watch this space!).

Twin Peaks Fire Walk with Me And The Missing Pieces fan edit by Q2. Cover art by Jared Lyon
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me plus The Missing Pieces fan edit by Q2. Cover art by Jared Lyon.

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. “includes all but three deleted scenes” WHY!? Why not just include everything? It’s not worth watching if every scene we’ve been after for so long isn’t included in this.

  2. I think he’s saying that the scenes weren’t able to naturally be reintegrated back into the movie. The final assemblage of the sequences in the theatrical cut made it so that those scenes couldn’t just be “dropped in” in any way that would make sense.

  3. I haven’t watched “The Missing Pieces” (yet, give me time!), but I think the juxtaposition of the “goofy” Cooper/Diane scene with the more serious Cooper/Gordon scene can be justified in two ways:

    1. This is something that happens in real life and in other forms of storytelling; TV Tropes calls it “Mood Whiplash”.

    2. In the original “Twin Peaks” pilot, Lynch himself saw fit to follow the somber scenes of Pete Martell discovering Laura’s body with a “goofy” scene in which Lucy explains to Sheriff Truman (in tedious detail) which phone she’s transferring Pete’s call to.

    Maybe my opinion will change when I do see “The Missing Pieces”, but from the descriptions here it sounds like something Q2 maybe should’ve gone for.

  4. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m always interested in mash-ups, fanedits, video essays and the like they recontextualize familiar movies and help us look at them in a new light. I very much enjoyed Q2’s Northwest Passage, both for its economical storytelling and for some interesting insights it offered into the show itself (by taking things out, it makes us notice them in new ways).

    But The Missing Pieces just came out less than a week ago. We’re still digesting them, figuring out how they fit in with the Twin Peaks saga and Lynch presented them the way he did for a reason. To my mind, The Missing Pieces work best NOT as part of Fire Walk With Me but as a different entity altogether, a bridge between the series & film in tone, style, and narrative approach.

    When re-editing the scenes, Lynch purposefully emphasized master shots and long takes which give The Missing Pieces a more objective, distanced feel. Yes, these scenes were shot as part of Fire Walk With Me but they were edited not to be. Simply taking the scenes and mixing them into a movie which is far more impressionistic, with heavier uses of close-ups and dreamlike cutting, seems to miss the point of what Lynch is trying to do by giving them to us in this way.

    Again, I’m sure I’ll watch this edit at some point and will probably find out lots of interesting things about FWWM & the MP & Twin Peaks in general by doing so. I’m not against it in principle. But I wish we could wait a little longer first and try to appreciate what we’ve been given, and why we’ve been given it in this way. By rushing to re-integrate the footage, we miss the bigger picture. Just my 2 cents.

    • Well, of course you CAN wait a little longer, or a lot if you wish. Just because it’s already available doesn’t mean it’s necessary to partake right away. It might be a good idea to snag it soon, though, in case it gets taken down by the rights holders.

      • For me it’s a moot point anyway as these downloads typically don’t work in my computer! I will wait till it eventually shows up on YouTube as Northwest Passage finally did. It’s not so much people doing or watching this I have a problem with – I just hope that in the rush to “re-integrate” the footage people won’t overlook the value of how Lynch DID present them, because I think his presentation (as a separate entity) is one of the most powerful and interesting aspects of this release.

        • I expect that the vast majority of people who have bought the new Blu-ray set will do just that. These sorts of fan projects aren’t really the kind of thing the casual viewer is likely to seek out. For me, I imagine it would at most be a curiosity since Lynch didn’t do it himself, and thus it will be at best an approximation of what his cut might looks like, plus as an editor myself, I just know I’ll spend the entire time looking at it and thinking, “err, I’d have done THAT differently.” (I also have an inherent distrust of .rar files. You never know what’s inside those things.)

  5. Are there CLEAR, STEP BY STEP instructions ANYWHERE on how to download this? I’ve got “Cryptload” and it keeps asking me to “name a package,” and all the files names are meaningless gibberish. It’s like people are taking pride in making this IMPOSSIBLE TO DO. WHERE ARE THE INSTRUCTIONS???????????? (I’ve done web development since that 80s and have a AS in computer science. If anyone can do this, I should be able to. How can software exist with no instructions?)

    • Download and fully update jDownloader. Restart it completely after the updates are done, which may take some time. Then in the rar file extract the DLC file to somewhere on your computer. On jDownloader, click on the linkgrabber tab, then click Add Container. Navigate to and select the DLC file. Once it has loaded, right click on it and select “continue with all”. I had a lot of trouble downloading it but once I restarted it asked if I wanted to install additional updates, I said yes, and once it finished I restarted again and finally the DLC loaded. After that it was smooth sailing. I personally believe there should be different sizes available since not everybody has fast Internet. Kell, please let me know if you need help further.

    • Or if you’re using CryptLoad, like me, just open CryptLoad + drag the .DLC file into the CryptLoad window. It should ask you where you want it to download, then click OK and it should automatically start.

  6. ok downloaded all the far files through Jdownloader – have the “unrar” for MAC but it doesn’t work? What to do. Got all the files but cn’t unlock them…

    • Yes, can someone please make this available via Torrent? jDownloader and CryptLoad does not work. All I got was 66 1kB files looking like this: #!AhNBHZiJ!luNfVde6mEG8trA5OKSl2sJXnPuYFwX413-6gSbTtts

  7. I will wait until somebody uploads it as a torrent. jdownload installed a bunch of unwanted crap on my computer (bogus cleanup tool, deal watcher) and CryptLoad download was blocked by Chrome as a malicious software.

  8. Will someone please upload this as a torrent? It’s a perfectly legitimate thing to do and many of us will be utterly and entirely grateful. Not everyone is happy to install a potentially dubious piece of software or have their download speeds artificially throttled – including me. Thanks.

  9. I’ve been jumping through hoops all day, finally got Jdownloader installed and downloading all 66 200Mb files, then suddenly all of them are offline. My only hope is someone managed to grab the completed thing and will kindly make a torrent so it can be downloaded in a way that doesn’t suck. Was this whole thing a hoax? GRRR!

  10. Here is the problem as I see with 2 (3) of the scenes. I am hoping that Q2 or someone else can pick up the baton and bring this baby home. The Cooper/Diane one is easy, and fits in nicely just after the scene fades of the school. The one just before Bobby kisses the homecoming queen pic.

    This scene is just our FWWM intro to Cooper and is in line with the (originallY longer) Cooper scene we know involving a great abundance of food. It can fit anywhere where it is morning (the first pot of coffee) and the mood is at least still.. it just really shouldn’t happen before the abundance of food scene. The place I suggest is as good as any and is absent any difficult musical cues.

    The more difficult cut involves the two scenes Involving the safe deposits money and the baby lax. They fit well back to back. The only reason I think these wonderful scenes were cut is they expose what looks at first like a continuity error, but can be justified another way. Here is how: If you remember in the pilot, Bobby says he gave Laura the money for safekeeping.. the night she was murdered… we can plainly see this isn’t the case as Laura is still drugged from the previous nights fun (murder and drug dealing Lol). So we KNOW Bobby was wrong about WHEN he gave it to her, and it wasn’t night, it was in school. The continuity error isn’t an error if you think about it simply as being Bobby’s error. In jury service they will tell you if a person lies and it is discovered you can disregard their entire testimony on the matter.

    So, let Bobby’s claim that it was the night before go, which we know he was either wrong or lying about, and this scene can now nicely fall into the DAY BEFORE she was murdered. There is very little choice here, but I nominate just before James pulls up on his bike and gets the eyeballs from Mr. Palmer. This way Bobby peeling out in his sweet ride transitions well audio-wise to James arriving at Laura’s on his hog.

    I really hope someone will take this seriously enough to use.

  11. Id do it, but im cursing my lack of horsepower.I don’t have a PC powerful enough to handle the HD video on its own let alone that plus DTS audio. I even tried skipping most of the work to arrive at least at a private copy by starting with the Q2 edit, but my machine can’t handle it. Im sure someone else will before I can get a new system. Too bad.. all this brain power and nothing to use it on! LOL!!!

  12. Jdownloader is malware, BEWARE. It took me three days and two system restores to get all its garbage off my machine. Praying for a torrent of this, and can’t understand why there isn’t one already, unless the uploader is actually getting paid by the scum that run Jdownloader.

      • Sure you can. Man… Missing pieces were avaible via torrent at 30th july, and they are still avaible. It happens every day on the internet. And always will. So… What’s the problem for this fanedit, if you can download the missing pieces???? If someone have the fanedit: be altruist, and share it! For the guys who were not so lucky!!

  13. Man, this wait for any version to resurface is killer… I’d even take V1, I just really, really want some kind of update. Anyone have anything for us who weren’t lucky enough to get it before it was taken down??? Anyone have any torrent know-how and is willing to seed until others can take other?

  14. again his Northwest Passage edit was not of the entire series as your site mentioned, it was from the Pilot up to the death of Leland Palmer, it didnt go any further in season 2 then that.

  15. Way to let the cat out of the bad. I guarantee the CBS takedown notice came because of this article. I can’t believe there are still people begging for torrent files and download links. At this point there’s one way to get a complete FWWM edit: make it yourself.

  16. I understand that Q2 don’t want share it anymore. But Missing pieces were avaible via torrent at 30th july, and they are still avaible. It happens every day on the internet. It’s impossible to stop file sharing, if someone release a file and otheres share it via peer to peer… What’s the problem for this fanedit, if you can download the missing pieces???? If someone have the fanedit: be altruist, and share it! Put it on eMule!! For the guys who were not so lucky like you!

  17. Sort of… the NZB file posted links to all the proper files.. only they are incompletely posted.. so yeah its useless. But the attempt looks to have been genuinely made. Try try again whoever you are… please..

  18. I personally uploaded it to a private tracker until I was respectfully asked to take it down, although I did not get a letter, the message came through. For all those who missed it, I regret to say the risk of putting it back up is not worth it. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it because fan edits are made often and for some reason this one was targeted.