David Lynch Shows Señorita Dido How To Kiss And Release Laura Palmer’s Golden Orb (Video)

David Lynch and Joy Nash (Senorita Dido) behind the scenes of Part 8

Indiewire today released a short clip from Impressions: A Journey Behind the Scenes of Twin Peaks, part of the hours of bonus material on the forthcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of the 2017 series.

In the video, David Lynch can be seen directing the monumental scene in Part 8 where Señorita Dido kisses a golden orb containing Laura Palmer’s iconic homecoming queen portrait (!) before sending it off to Earth (where it lands particularly close to Odessa, TX). Inside downtown L.A.’s Tower Theater, the filming location for the Fireman’s home by the sea, David Lynch tells actress Joy Nash to close her eyes and kiss the golden orb:

“Give it so much love. And then you smile… and let it out. It’ll go right up to the center and then it’ll go through, and you’ll see a tube go to the movie and then it’ll enter the film.”

You’ll notice the sound towards the end of Indiewire‘s clip is muted. Hopefully, we’ll be able to hear what they’re talking about on December 5 when Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series hits the shelves.

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