A Peek At The Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series Blu-ray & DVD Box Set Packaging

Twin Peaks 2017 Blu-ray & DVD (Digipak)

You see that box that he’s holding there? Yeah? That was in my dream.
—Brad Mitchum

Showtime and CBS Home Entertainment have revealed the packaging of the forthcoming Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series release. Previously, Welcome to Twin Peaks shared a complete overview of the Blu-ray and DVD contents.

The 8-disc release is presented in a Digipak with contents printed on the individual discs. Most of the box set, including the discs, is covered with red curtain imagery, except for the last disc which resembles the golden orb as seen in Part 8. We’ll have to wait and see if this set comes with a surprise like the “Fire walk with me” note in The Entire Mystery. Wouldn’t it be something if the box contained… CHERRY PIE?

What are your thoughts on this packaging?

Pre-order Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series on Blu-ray or DVD via , or if you’re outside the U.S., via Zavvi (Blu-ray or DVD) which offers (nearly) free worldwide shipping (even the U.S. is just $2.99). First-time Zavvi customers get 10% OFF with code WELCOME.

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Really disappointed by the cover artwork. It looks like any cheap DVD box set and doesn’t do this special release justice at all. It looks like some WB show.

    • Look at the “entire mystery” design inside artworks : it’s rich, it’s original and creative.

      in 2017 (a time of streaming) if a studio wants fans to buy a materialized version of a show, they should create something that adds something to the show itself.

      Well, I will pass on this one.

      • You passing on buying the show because the packaging isn’t fancy enough for you? the fan entitlement with this show is something else

        • First of all, I’m sorry for my poor English. I’s not my language.

          I have seen season 3 twice, in 1080 p.
          I liked it (not loved). Even if it wasn’t the Twin Peaks I was waiting/hoping for. And to be 100 % honest, I have mixed feeling about season 3. Sometimes it’s pure art with great storytelling (I mean, in the Lynch way) : I Loved part 3, part 8 and part 14 very very much (Yrev ?). They’re my favorite parts. Other parts really good moments too. But many times I’m not interested at all, in a lot of useless scenes, leading to absolutely nowhere. David Lynch gave us the Twin Peaks he wanted to give us. Good for him. It’s integrity at its best. But sometimes I think he really disliked/forgot/Ignored (pick one for me) what appealed fans the first time around, and there are many characters I didn’t care about. It was really frustrating to watch Douggie Jones. I really wanted to see Dale Cooper fighting Bad Coop. I wanted Dale to reconnect with the characters of the small town. It was frustrating to watch those characters with no link to the others, to the story, with no relevance. Also, I don’t buy the Dale/Diane romance. It feels to much like a retcon. Especially when Cooper says to Diane in season 1 that he’s surprised he cares about Audrey. I mean in what world a man would say such a thing to his love interest/partner ?? There are other annoying retcons in the season (Dale and Garland plan to track Judy ? Come on…)

          Again, I’m not saying season 3 is bad. Far from it. But it’s not the season I’m crazy about to the point to buy the blu ray with an awful artwork. And this artwork is so awful (to my eyes) that it reminds the worst of the season, not the best. And, the “good Dale/bad Dale” on the cover is so misleading… It reminds me painfully what I didn’t get. Maybe I’m acting like a spoiled child. Maybe.

          Also, we’re almost in 2018. For the better and the worst, it’s a time of streaming, and dematerialized movies/series. If a studio wants me to buy a MATERIALiZED version of something I already have seen twice, It’s something that should be in a packaging I love to see, to touch, to hold. So far, I really (really) dislike the artwork. It’s a cheap photoshop artwork. Again, I don’t love this season enough to get over the artwork. I don’t want to pay fo this. I’m sorry that some people can think less of me because of my decision to pass. People might think I’m stupid, crazy, vain, superficial. It’s their right. As Deputy Chad said : “It’s a free world (they) can voice (their) opinion”

          Sure, the BR disk quality is better than 1080 p streamed. But this quality is good enough for my screen. And I can watch it again and again.
          I’m not especially interested in the bonuses, so…

  2. It’s cool for every speaking english people. There is no schedule actually for a release in Europe with at least german-italian-french-dutch-spanish-etc subtitles. Probably many months to wait…

  3. Packaging and cover art looks great to me. Don’t understand all the hate. In the end, does it really matter? What matters are the discs and contents. But if anything, I always prefer a locking disc hub case rather than cardboard sleeves.

    • I totally understand your outlook in that what’s really important is the content. For me, I think most people who still buy physical releases do so because they’re collectors- and being a collector myself of my favorite movies/shows I’d prefer to see something that has a more artful look to it on my shelf. Hey regardless, I’ll just be glad to have it really.

      • I’m a collector and I’m just glad it comes out on discs, couldn’t care less about the packaging.
        I only subscribed to HBO to watch Twin Peaks (I’m in Denmark, it was the only way to see it legally) so now I can cancel my subscription 🙂

  4. The one thing that’s not clear from this render is what form the outer box takes.

    The way they’d be able to sell me on the concept is if the right part of Kyle’s face is attached to a removable section, a “lid” of sorts that keeps the discs inside. Pull it away and you’d reveal the rest of Bad Coop’s face or something. Maybe it becomes part of Frank Silva’s face. I really figured that’s what they were doing with this release once I saw the original artwork.

    The important thing is to have the Blu-Ray version of the movie in perfect quality. Streaming and the compression added by cable providers is undesirable, the quality of the video on the discs is what’s important.

  5. Many of us that preordered from Amazon have not yet received the Blu Ray set yet. I have googled to see what I could find out about distribution problems but found nothing. Anyone know what happened?

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