How To Make A David Lynch Film

Four Academy Award nominations, one Palme d’Or and a Best Director award at Cannes. Which aspiring filmmaker wouldn’t want to follow in David Lynch’s steps? Writer, director and producer, Joe McClean, made a step-by-step guide on How To Make A David Lynch Film and disguised it as a David Lynch film in which a couple discovers a mysterious tape with a ’50s style instructional video.

Referring to Lost Highway, Blue Velvet, Elephant Man, and Eraserhead, this 9-minute parody sums up which Lynchian elements definitely to include, like bug closeups, random shots of out-of-focus movement, lots of kissing, painted fingernails, and unexplained dialogue.

McClean on How To Make A David Lynch Film:

It’s plain and simple. I watch David Lynch movies and I just don’t understand them. I decided I was going to try and figure them out so I stapled my eyes open and had a Lynch-a-thon. It didn’t help. I thought if I forced myself to watch, at some point it would just click and it would all make since. That never happened. I believe that good and bad are subjective terms so I allow others to spew forth praise and amazement at the genius of Lynch’s work, and I fully believe they have a right to their opinion.

This movie is my opinion.

Be warned that some parts of this short film are NSFW. And probably NSFDLF either (= Not Safe For David Lynch Fans.)

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. This moive just won the RUNNER UP positions for two big awards at the Dances With Films Festival. Runner up for Grand Jury and runner up for Industry Choice!

  2. Why does a work of art have to make sense? Sometimes when we experience things in the abstract or the non-sequiter the complicated weight of the individual pieces is enough to create an amazing atmosphere for your mind. Lynch is more of an artist than a director. He’s always been an artist first. I don’t know how many great pieces of art make no sense to me, but hit me in the gut just the same. Watching David Lynch is right-brain work, stop trying to find an equation.

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