Nighttime At The Roadhouse, An Ever-Growing Playlist Of Music With A Twin Peaks Vibe

Julee Cruise at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks

A dog drifts through a parking lot, littered with last night’s trash and beer bottles. The club’s neon patron-snatcher flickers back and forth between two images of a couple doing the jitterbug.

The Roadhouse: The Bang Bang Bar

The Roadhouse. A warm but slightly seedy honky-tonk. A girl singer in black leather is up on the small stage, fronting a four-piece, avant-garde rock combo. She’s singing a song called “The Nightingale.”

Over the past few years, the population of Welcome to Twin Peaks has steadily shared old and new music reminiscent of Twin Peaks via the Facebook page and Twitter. Some of those songs are very clearly inspired by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch‘s soundtrack, a few are soundalikes and others are only similar in tone and mood. Based on my own discoveries and suggestions from a wide range of Twin Peaks fans, Welcome to Twin Peaks is curating an ever-growing playlist featuring a diverse selection of music from all decades and a multitude of genres, from jazz over contemporary doo-wop to electronic music.

These dreamy and twangy songs are collected in Twin Peaks: Nighttime At The Roadhouse, a Spotify playlist created early 2012 to fantasize what a typical night at the Roadhouse in Twin Peaks, WA would sound like these days. You know, the kind of music you might hear when the show returns. Make sure to FOLLOW the playlist within Spotify and check it every few weeks to keep track of updates!

UPDATE (May 2017): It goes without saying that all the songs you hear at the Bang Bang Bar in the new series will be instantly added to this playlist, but there’s also a separate playlist for just the Twin Peaks: The Return soundtrack. Remember, two additional Twin Peaks themed playlists are available as well: Leland Palmer Gets Happy and Isn’t It Too Dreamy? More coming!

UPDATE (May 2019): This Twin Peaks playlist is putting artists on the radar of TV and film music supervisors. Spotify published an article on how Killer Shangri-Lah by Pshycotic Beats got onto the soundtrack of Killing Eve through Nighttime at the Roadhouse!

Nighttime at the Roadhouse, A Fan-Sourced Playlist of Twin Peaks Music

Hit the play button, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the smoky Twin Peaks Roadhouse with Bobby, Donna, Cooper, the Log Lady, and a bunch of Bookhouse Boys…

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. Roy Orbison’s “Afraid To Sleep” is perfect.
    The Soft Moon “Breathe The Fire”
    Beach House “Wishes” of course!
    Snowbird “I Heard the Owl Call My Name”
    My Bloody Valentine “New You”
    Porter Wagoner “The First Mrs. Jones” or The Cold Hard Facts of Life”
    Lee Hazlewood “The Night Before”
    Mick Jagger “Memo From Turner”

  2. Add some darkjazz. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore, Heroin And Your Veins, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Dale Cooper Quartet And The Dictaphones, Somewhere Off Jazz Street… You’re welcome.

  3. David Bowie has a song called South Horizon. I think it’s very Twin Peaksy and would have fit especially well into Fire Walk With Me (even thought the song was released in 1993).

  4. “Donna” by Ritchie Valens is a must on this playlist. Not just because it is a classic teenage hymn about Donna, but also because the sound is very reminiscent of James Hurleys epic performance of “Just you and I”…

  5. Bohren and Der Club of Gore (They’ve built a 20-year career out of making Twin Peaks jazz, so take your pick of almost any album) Their newest album is Piano Nights, and the lead off track is a good one, “Im Rauch”

  6. Another Beach House song, “Silver Soul” – the lyrics always remind me of TP, especially the “it is happening again” chorus!
    David Lynch & Lykke Li “I’m Waiting Here”
    Lana Del Rey “Shades of Cool”
    Sky Ferreira “Night Time, My Time”
    Chris Isaak “Blue Hotel”
    Dum Dum Girls “Take Care of My Baby”
    Charlie Megira “Tomorrow’s Gone”
    Blondie “In The Flesh”
    Mr. Bungle “Pink Cigarette”

  7. Good call on Trailer Trash Tracys “Candy Girl”. I was listening to Pandora and it popped, I immediately thought of Twin Peaks.

  8. Twin Peaks was a major influence on the web series I directed called “Ragged Isle.” I did my best to channel the spirit of TP when I wrote a few of the songs for the soundtrack. Would be honored if you’d give them a listen and perhaps add them to your growing list of awesome.

    If you like what you hear and want to check out more, you can watch our supernatural murder mystery at

  9. Scott Walker “The Big Hurt” or “It’s Raining Today”
    Cleo Laine “All Gone” (from the film The Servant)
    The Jesus Lizard “Pastoral”
    Low “Fear”
    Siouxsie & The Banshees “Christine”
    Dusty Springfield “The Look of Love”
    Barbara Lynn “I Cried At Laura’s Wedding” (!)

    Georges Delerue – Anything from the soundtrack to Godard’s “Contempt” aka “Le Mepris”

  10. siouxsie and the banshees – cocoon
    – obsession
    – melt
    – pure
    the damned – feel the pain
    johnny cash – hurt
    garbage – cup of coffee
    – drive you home
    – milk
    – queer
    bjork – an echo a stain
    – all is full of love
    – harm of will
    – cover me
    beck – whiskeyclone, hotel
    – ramshackle
    – debra
    dave thomas and two pale boys – ghosts
    ian mc culloch – arthur
    p j harvey – the wind
    – in my dreams
    echo and the bunnymen – going up
    eels – your lucky day in hell
    nancy sinatra – summer wine
    john shuttleworth ?

  11. As a few have already mentioned, they’re spot-on:

    David Lynch (feat. Lykke Li) – I’m Waiting Here
    Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl
    Sky Ferreira – Night Time, My Time

    I’d also add:

    Lykke Li – Unrequited Love (shades of Rockin’ Back Inside My Heart)
    Francis Harris – Dangerdream (Red Room!)
    Mount Eerie – Between Two Mysteries
    Grouper – Vapor Trails
    Julia Holter – Boy In The Moon
    Slowdive – Golden Hair

  12. So glad we made the list ! Outside Twin Peaks was written with all my memories of what was going around the set about what this show was about, and to me I thought the music was what was really going on… it was the music that I remember most, how David and Mark used it and it gave all our visiting Directors something too. a sound that creates a feeling that ends up on screen! Who could ask for more , so thank you for including my song , listen to Gloston berry Grove too , the words in some places are from Laura’s diary.

  13. I have a huge Spotify list like this as well, only mine is more of an entire Twin Peaks vibe more than just a roadhouse vibe. I’m apparently not smart enough to figure out how to post a link, though. (Help?) Anyway, here are a few tracks on mine that I didn’t see here that fit the roadhouse vibe quite well:

    “Anemone” – The Brian Jonestown Massacre
    “House of Metal” – Chelsea Wolf
    “Souvenirs” – Esben and the Witch
    “Changelings” and “This is my Hand” – Gazelle Twin
    “Synthetic” – HTRK
    “Sandpaper Kisses” – Martina Topley Bird
    “Cuckoo” – Still Corners

  14. Please consider adding Sky Ferreira – Night time, my time! It’s not only Twin Peaks inspired, the lyrics are basically dialogues from Fire Walk With Me, and the atmosphere is so much like the whole show! 🙂 Psychedelic, eerie, just perfect.

  15. Mount Eerie – Between Two Mysteries (NEEDS to be in there – samples Laura’s Theme, makes direct references to our favorite town, lovely song in its own right)
    Girls – Headache (you can’t listen to this without imagining a big red curtain behind the band)

    Don’t get some of the choices tbh, like Tortoise’s TNT for example. Great song, but don’t feel any Lynch vibes from it at all. Otherwise, great playlist!

  16. Nightmusic by Grimes
    Call Me In The Day by La Luz
    Damp Face by La Luz
    Clear Night Sky by La Luz
    Bad Girls by Tennis
    Hot Dreams by Timber Timbre

    Twin Peaks Twist by Messer Chups

  17. Chromatics – “Shadow.” Really gets at the sorrow at the heart of the show I think and the troubled pasts that many of the characters carry around with them. The “8-track” version in particular seems like it could have been played in the Roadhouse, but I don’t know that that version is on Spotify, so here it is:

    Glad to see two Beach House songs represented, their whole catalogue could be featured in Twin Peaks really. “Wildflower” has also always felt rather Twin Peaks-y to me also for some reason; I think it reminds me of Cooper and Annie’s relationship, maybe?

  18. “Frou-Frou Foxes in Midsummer Fires” – Cocteau Twins. Has a dark and mystical vibe that reminds me of the way the second season ends, and of the mysteriousness of the woods in general.

  19. “Shadow” – Chromatics. This song resonates with the tragedy at the show’s core I think, and speaks to the troubled pasts that so many of the characters carry around with them.

    “Wildflower” – Beach House. Glad to see this band already represented on the playlist; this song reminds me of Cooper and Annie’s romance, for some reason.

  20. Amatorski – “Come Home”
    Beach House – “Space Song”
    Hooverphonic – “2 Wicky”
    The Raveonettes – “Aly, Walk With Me”
    The Stargazer Lilies – “How We Lost”
    Earth – “Omens and Portents 1: The Driver”
    Starflyer 59 – “Messed Up Over You”

  21. I really want to see the instrumental of SATURDAY on the Rhino release. The Windswept CD version is great- but the instrumental so much more…majestic. I’ve hit rewind on that scene so many times just to hear the song

  22. Know this hasn’t been commented on in forever, but since it looks like you still update this playlist I have a couple of suggestions!

    Holy Knives – “Always Gone”
    Bones in the Walls – “Stay With Me”

    Both have an eerie lounge-y vibe!

  23. Remix DJ artist Unders created a remix for ‘The Other Side’ by Morphine (available on Spotify, but I couldn’t post the links).

    Also on Spotify, the late Morphine frontman Mark Sandman has a pair of rediscovered albums coming out from one of his other side projects, the Hypnosonics. Only the singles ‘Someone Stole My Shoes’ and ‘Drums Were Beating’ are available right now.

  24. Deja Vu by Soak would be perfect. Watch the great video on YouTube also – real David Lynch vibe in the use of covers. Would love to see this in the Road House some day!

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