Twin Peaks, Original Score By Angelo Badalamenti: Vinyl Reissue Artwork, Packaging & Details Revealed! [EXCLUSIVE]

Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

“I’m glad that after 25 years, Death Waltz Recording Company has re-released the original soundtrack for Twin Peaks for a new audience to enjoy. This is my defining work as a composer and I’m happy it will get a fresh listen.”
—Angelo Badalamenti

Ever since it was first hinted by by Death Waltz Recording Company, record collectors have been yearning —often audibly— for the vinyl reissue of Angelo Badalamenti‘s original Twin Peaks soundtrack. Two years in the making, and 26 years after its original release in September 1990, the re-release is ready to hit the stores. Both online on August 10 at 12 PM (CST) via Mondotees, and in retail stores worldwide on September 9. One version, no limited variants. Select participating stores listed below will even hold a Twin Peaks coffee and pie event on Tuesday, September 6th, with a preview sale of the soundtrack.

UPDATE: The first pressing of the record is sold out online. Pick one up at your local record store in September, or pre-order for September delivery from Deep Discount, Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany, Amazon Japan, or Zavvi (UK and the rest of Europe).

Today, Welcome to Twin Peaks is excited and honored to finally reveal the full package and details in premiere!

Twin Peaks – Original Score By Angelo Badalamenti LP

Back in print for the first time in 25 years, the record now comes housed inside a 425gsm gatefold sleeve featuring lyrics and liner notes by composer Angelo Badalamenti. The cover image by Sam Smith comes approved by director David Lynch himself.

Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

The gatefold sleeve is housed within a bespoke die cut outer jacket designed by Mondo’s Jay Shaw featuring super subtle white spot varnish text.Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

The whole affair is finished with a top loading obi strip and pressed on “Damn fine coffee” vinyl. Death Waltz went back to the Warner archives where Tal Miller cut brand new vinyl masters, and then worked with Rainbo to press the record on 180g vinyl for the best possible sound quality.

Twin Peaks soundtrack on vinyl, reissued by Death Waltz Recording Company

Side A

  1. Twin Peaks Theme
  2. Laura Palmer’s Theme
  3. Audrey’s Dance
  4. The Nightingale
  5. Freshly Squeezed

Side B

  1. The Bookhouse Boys
  2. Into The Night
  3. Night Life In Twin Peaks
  4. Dance Of The Dream Man
  5. Love Theme From Twin Peaks
  6. Falling

Coffee & Cherry Pie Pre-Sale Evenings

  • Music Millennium – Portland, OR
  • Seasick Records – Birmingham, AL
  • Amoeba Hollywood – LA, CA
  • Burger Records – Fullerton, CA
  • Dark Delicacies – Burbank, CA
  • Redscroll – Wallingford, CT
  • Radio-Active Records, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  • Park Ave CDs – Orlando, FL
  • Steelworker Records, Tampla, FL
  • Criminal Records – Atlanta, GA
  • Reckless Records – Broadway – Chicago, IL
  • Reckless Records – Wicker Park – Chicago, IL
  • Luna Music – Indianapolis, IN
  • Down In The Valley – Golden Valley, MN
  • Rough Trade – Brooklyn, NY
  • Darkside Records – Poughkeepsie, NY
  • Mississippi Records – Portland, OR
  • What Cheer Records + Vintage, Providence, RI
  • Grimey’s – Nashville, TN
  • End Of An Ear – Austin, TX
  • Waterloo – Austin, TX
  • Easy Street – Seattle, WA
  • Scarecrow Video – Seattle, WA
  • Stoup Brewery / Seattle, WA
  • Rise, Bristol, UK
  • Hot Salvation Records, Kent, UK
  • Transmission, Kent, UK
  • Banquet Records, Kingston upon Thames, UK
  • Crash Records (at Ox Club), Leeds, UK
  • Sister Ray Ace, London, UK
  • Diverse Music, Newport, UK
  • Forever Records, Nottingham, UK
  • Truck Store, Oxford, UK
  • Bear Tree Records, Sheffield, UK
  • [Your record store participating? Leave the details in the comments to be added to this list]

Will this vinyl soon be part of your collection?

UPDATE: Angelo Badalamenti’s soundtrack for Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me is also getting a vinyl reissue by the same record label, with an expected release in December 2016.

Facebook Live Vinyl Unboxing/Unwrapping Video

Twin Peaks soundtrack vinyl on Death Waltz Recordings

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Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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  1. I’m really wary about this seeing as they’re having Rainbo press this. They pressed the newest Radiohead and quality was all over the place on it with a lot of noisy copies reported. Hope they do this justice and it doesn’t stink!

  2. Do your homework on this one team, Rainbo is one of the worst pressing plants in the business when it comes to vinyl of quality. 180 grams means nothing if it wasn’t pressed with care or handled and packaged with care; case in point Radiohead Moon shaped Pool as K.M. mentions.

    I guess we don’t have all that much of a choice.

  3. why are people constantly bitching… if you want a nice copy of this as it was meant to be go spend the $$ on an original pressing if it is that damn important to you! perhaps you should have already owned this before vinyl became trendy.

    • Perhaps the younger fans didn’t realize that the soundtrack had even been pressed on vinyl and are just now excited about it!
      -Signed, lifelong vinyl fan, newer TP fan.

    • That’s absolutely no excuse for a poor pressing, though. If something goes on sale surely we should be able to expect a certain quality? Nothing at allto do with trendiness.

    • Maybe look before posting snarky comments? If you compare the third pic vs the first two, you can see that the “TWIN PEAKS Original Score By Angelo Badelamenti” is on a white OBI strip that is not in pics 1 or 2. You can even see the border of the obi strip if you look closely.

  4. Says it’s already sold out. Either incorrect information, or the dummies only made like a hundred copies or something.

    To say I’m disappointed would prove an understatement. Pretty mad at them too, actually.

  5. please include our shop as a participating store for the cherry pie and coffee event – we’ve ordered copies and are getting psyched to brew up some coffee and make some pies for this. our shop is :

    What Cheer Records + Vintage
    180 Angell Street (Upstairs)
    Providence, RI 02906

      • thank you! can’t wait.

        one thing about this release, though – this post and others about the release say the retail price is $23 but that is almost the actual wholesale cost to stores (barely any markup at all, and that doesn’t even factor in shipping costs). the msrp from the major distributors is $35.98. as a store owner, i just want people to know that there’s no way the LPs can sell for just $23. buyers should know that that price was from initial direct mail order (now sold out) and that the actual store retail price has to be higher. they’ll also get free cherry pie and coffee!

  6. For what its worth, my copy sounds beautiful; smooth and lovely. So they got the sound quality right. And it IS an obi, or sort of version of an obi, but underneath is the spot lacquered title on the die-cut sleeve..

  7. Nobody mentions the runout groove etchings on this re-released vinyl…but I’m assuming that since they are mass produced everyone has words that look hand-etched on their album?

    Also, I received mine from Mondo slightly damaged as well. Below the bottom die cut chevron is a bend/wrinkle in the cover.

  8. Sadly my copy has some nasty pops on the opening track and some more minor noise throughout. The music itself sounds gorgeous but pressing seems flawed.

  9. In the site of “Deep Discount”, The vinyl is disappeared.
    Initially, it was showed in the site, now, if you will search the vinyl, you will not found anything.
    The problem is that i just paid the object (totally 40 dollars), i think that i will require the reimbursement, is that a bad idea?

  10. Sorry but this is the worst pressed new record I have heard in years, all the copies in the shop have the same pressing fault between track one and track two, sounds like a scratch but every record has it in the same place and lots of random pops and clicks across the whole records. Sorry but this is going back for a refund, it’s a shame because some passages sound great

  11. Just received mine from Mondo, and it’s a flawed pressing:
    side two has a colorful patch of vinyl crossing two tracks
    that equals scratch/pop. The grooves look perfectly ok
    in the light, but when the needle moves over this bit of
    color, scrrrratchpop.

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