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Twin Peaks Playlist: Get Happy With Leland Palmer’s Most Favorite Songs In The World

We have to dance for Laura!

From big band music over Broadway hits to ’40s novelty songs, Leland Palmer sang it. Or at least he did his signature shuffle. Following the fan-sourced and regularly updated Nighttime at the Roadhouse playlist, Welcome to Twin Peaks presents a jazzy playlist titled Leland Palmer gets HAPPY!

UPDATE: For a limited time, this playlist starts with an hour of holiday songs like Perry Como’s Some Children See Him and I Want You For Christmas by Russ Morgan and His Orchestra.

Among many other classics, the 100-minute Spotify playlist includes all of Leland’s musical intermezzos: Glenn Miller’s Pennsylvania 6-5000, Judy Garland’s Get Happy, The Surrey With The Fringe On Top from Oklahoma!, Getting to Know You from The King And I, and Mairzy Doats. Ray Wise‘s own favorite songs from his character’s repertoire? From a recent AMA with the actor:

I liked all of the songs – when I’m driving around in my convertible – the song “Come On Get Happy” that I did at the doctor’s house, at the dinner, a young gal accompanied me on the piano who later turned out to be a very popular and famous actress by the name of Alicia Witt- my favorite song though, would have to be “Getting To Know You” from The King And I which I sang in The Great Northern to Ben Horne and the Piper Laurie character was also listening, and I sang it on our little stage there, and I think I did a half-decent job. Leland had a kind of a nice tenor baritone voice, and he of course, always had visions of doing a Broadway show, I think.

-Ray Wise (November 2014)

Leland Palmer Gets HAPPY!

This is another evolving playlist, so make sure you follow to subscribe. Song suggestions are definitely encouraged. And stay tuned for more playlists dedicated to Twin Peaks characters. The sleeve is now available as a print here (recommended size: 13×13).

UPDATE: Another character-based playlist is now available. Give a listen to Audrey Horne’s “Isn’t it too dreamy?” playlist.


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Twin Peaks: Leland Palmer playlist

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Twin Peaks Playlist: Get Happy With Leland Palmer's Most Favorite Songs In The World

Welcome to Twin Peaks presents “Leland Palmer Gets Happy!”, a playlist with Leland's most favorite songs including “Mairzy Doats” and “Getting To Know You”.

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