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Twin Peaks Tarot Cards For The Magician Who Longs To See Through The Darkness Of Future Past

Twin Peaks Tarot Cards Deck

UPDATE (January 2016): Scroll down for new Twin Peaks tarot card designs!

Earlier this year, illustrator and comic maker Benjamin Mackey told Welcome to Twin Peaks he was toying with the idea of designing a Twin Peaks tarot deck inspired by the influential Rider-Waite-Smith deck (Amazon) originally published in 1910.

It all began as a Secret Santa gift last Christmas…

Twin Peaks beer bottle labels

Twin Peaks beer bottle labels by Ben Mackey: Bookhouse Brown Ale, Agent Cooper’s FBIPA, Horne Family Oatmeal Stout, Log Lady Lager, Red Room & Laura Palmer Porter

“I had created some fake Twin Peaks beer bottle labels and some people at the party said it reminded them of tarot cards,” the Arizona-based artist tells WTTP. “A couple months later, while watching the show, I started to make a little checklist, assigning characters to cards. Some of the matches were downright uncanny… and the card to character assignment quickly spiraled out of control.”

The results of Ben’s creative process can now be revealed with the completion of the Twin Peaks-themed Major Arcana, a suit of twenty-two cards also known as trumps.

Ben’s favorite card to draw?

The Death card. “What’s not to love about Ray Wise riding a white horse?”

Which one is your favorite card of this Twin Peaks tarot adaptation?

Twin Peaks Tarot Deck: Major Arcana by Ben MackeyTwin Peaks tarot Card DeckAndy Brennan as The Fool
Twin Peaks tarot Card DeckDale Cooper as The Magician
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

The Log Lady as The High Priestess
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Catherine Martell as The EmpressTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Benjamin Horne as The EmperorTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Major Briggs as The HierophantTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Shelly Johnson and Bobby Briggs as The LoversTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

James Hurley, Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson as The ChariotTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Nadine Hurley as Strength
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Harold Smith as The HermitTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Phillip Jeffries above the convenience store as Wheel of Fortune
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Sheriff Harry S. Truman as Justice
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Dr. Lawrence Jacoby as The Hanged Man
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Leland Palmer (with Sarah Palmer and Laura wrapped in plastic) as DeathTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Norma Jennings as Temperance
Twin Peaks Tarot Card Deck

Killer BOB (with Ronette Pulaski and Teresa Banks) as The Devil
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

The Packard Mill as The TowerTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Lucy Moran as The Star
Twin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Evil Dale Cooper as The MoonTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

The Giant and the Man from Another Place as The SUnTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Windom Earle as JudgementTwin Peaks tarot Card Deck

Laura Palmer as The World

Minor Arcana: Cups & Pentacles

Twin Peaks Tarot: King of Pentacles

Blackie as King of PentaclesTwin Peaks Tarot: Ace of Cups

Double R Diner mug as Ace of CupsTwin Peaks Tarot: Ace of Pentacles

One-Eyed Jack’s poker chip as Ace of PentaclesTwin Peaks Tarot: Page of Cups

Pete Martell as Page of CupsTwin Peaks Tarot: Page of Pentacles

Jerry Horne as Page of PentaclesTwin Peaks Tarot: Knight of Cups

Dick Tremayne as Knight of CupsTwin Peaks Tarot: Knight of Pentacles

Jean Renault as Knight of PentaclesTwin Peaks Tarot: Queen of Cups

Donna Hayward as Queen of CupsTwin Peaks Tarot: Queen of Pentacles

Audrey Horne as Queen of PentaclesTwin Peaks Tarot: King of Cups

Doc Hayward as King of Cups

Watch this space for the rest of the Minor Arcana, expected later in 2016.

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Twin Peaks Tarot Cards For The Magician Who Longs To See

Behold the Twin Peaks tarot cards, now available as prints. But beware of The Devil... and the Magician reversed!

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