The Muppets Painted As Twin Peaks Characters

It’s time to play the music that is always in the air!

The Muppets and Twin Peaks are two of my pop culture favorites,” Justin DeVine tells Welcome to Twin Peaks. “And the idea of replacing Laura Palmer with Miss Piggy just came to me one day. That one drawing was pretty well received, so I decided to do more, and it’s been really fun thinking about the various analogous relationships.”

The Oakland, California based illustrator has so far created six watercolor and ink pen portraits of Twin Peaks Muppets, but stay tuned for more portraits from Justin in a few weeks.

UPDATE 2017: Uncle Deadly as the Woodsman!

Uncle Deadly as the Woodsman ? Gotta Light?

Who Killed Miss Piggy?

Who Killed Miss Piggy?

Cooper the Frog

Cooper the Frog (Kermit the Frog as a Twin Peaks Muppet)

Log Fozzie

Log Fozzie (Fozzie Bear as a Twin Peaks Muppet)

The Weirdo from Another Place

The Weirdo from Another Place (Gonzo as a Twin Peaks Muppet)

Dr. Lawrence Teeth

Dr. Lawrence Teeth (Dr. Teeth as a Twin Peaks Muppet)

Major Garland the Eagle

Major Garland the Eagle (Sam the Eagle as a Twin Peaks Muppet)


Animal / BOB

Beaker and Janice (the singer from the Electric Mayhem) as deputy Andy Brennan and Lucy Moran

Beaker Brennan & Janice Moran

“Is there something wrong, young pretty chicken?” Camilla the Chicken as Audrey Horne

Camilla the chicken as Audrey Horne

“There was a FISH…in the PERCOLATOR… and it came BACK TO ME!” Lew Zealand as Pete Martell

Lew Zealand as Pete Martell

Henson… Walk with Me! Sweetums as MIKE

Sweetums as MIKE: Henson Walk with Me

Sesame Street’s Monsterpiece Theater: “Twin Beaks”

And as you probably already know, an official Twin Peaks parody starring some of the Muppets first aired on February 26, 1991 as a segment of Sesame Street episode 2822. In Monsterpiece Theater: Twin Peaks, Agent Cookie investigates why a town is called Twin Beaks, a mystery not even David Finch, Log Bird nor its log can explain.


Let me ask my log. Do you know why this town is called Twin Beaks?


How should I know? I’m a log!


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