42 Twin Peaks Action Figures With All The Right Accessories

Pete Martell Action Figure - Max Dalton
Pete Martell Action Figure - Max Dalton

Twin Peaks action figuresWhere were these in 1990? I would’ve happily traded my entire G.I. Joe collection for these Twin Peaks Action Figures!

UPDATE (2017): Official Twin Peaks Action Figures are here!

For his contribution to the In Dreams David Lynch exhibition at Spoke Art, illustrator Max Dalton recreated 42 Twin Peaks characters as mock-up action figures, packaged together with fitting accessories. For instance, Pete Martell comes with fishing gear and a percolator (don’t get them mixed up!), Windom Earle sports assorted disguises, and Killer BOB includes an owl that is not what it seems.

It’s not the first time someone turns Twin Peaks characters into action figures (check Dale Cooper and The Log), but this is definitely the largest and most creative collection! You can tell the artist is a huge fan, as he’s got the accessories down to the smallest detail!

Max sent us 13 close-ups from his Twin Peaks action figure set including five exclusive ones. If you want a more detailed look at the complete poster, you can head over to the In Dreams exhibition at Spoke Art before March 29th 2014 or purchase a limited edition, hand numbered 18″ x 24″ print.

So tell me, how bad do you want these to be real?

Twin Peaks Action Figure Collection by Max Dalton

Pete Martell Action Figure - Max Dalton
Pete Martell Action Figure includes vacuum flask, fish, percolator, fishing basket and fishing rod!
Laura Palmer Action Figure - Max Dalton
Laura Palmer Action Figure includes plastic bag and heart necklace!
Special Agent Dale Cooper Action Figure - Max Dalton
Special Agent Dale Cooper Action Figure includes coffee mug, donuts, 44 S&W gun, Fire walk with me note and Diane tape recorder!
BOB Action Figure - Max Dalton
BOB Action Figure includes owl that is not what it seems!
One-Armed Man Action Figure - Max Dalton
One-Armed Mike Action Figure includes shoe samples and suitcase!
Norma Jennings Action Figure - Max Dalton
Norma Jennings Action Figure includes cherry pie, coffee jar and cups!
Man From Another Place Action Figure - Max Dalton
Man From Another Place Action Figure includes statue and pair of lamps!
Windom Earle Action Figure - Max Dalton
Windom Earle Action Figure includes assorted disguises and chess board!
Lucy Moran Action Figure - Max Dalton
Lucy Moran Action Figure includes plant, watering can, microphone, headset and coffee jar!
Nadine Hurley Action Figure - Max Dalton
Nadine Hurley Action Figure includes drape runners, cotton balls and wrestling trophies!
Log Lady Action Figure - Max Dalton
Log Lady Action Figure includes log!
Dr Lawrence Jacoby Action Figure - Max Dalton
Dr. Lawrence Jacoby Action Figure includes cassette tape, coconut, notepad and magic balls!
Sheriff Harry Truman Action Figure - Max Dalton
Sheriff Harry Truman Action Figure includes Colt Python revolver, Winchester rifle and Bob’s wanted sign!

Twin Peaks Action Figure Collection - Max Dalton

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