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The Making Of Twin Peaks And David Lynch Miniature Matchbook Art

Jason D’Aquino is a self-proclaimed “miniaturist”.

The artist from Buffalo, NY works primarily in graphite on found, small-scale antique surfaces. Usually vintage matchbooks. Sometimes an old page from an antique ledger, or any other historical ephemera. For Spoke Art‘s David Lynch homage “In Dreams”, he submitted several miniature drawings inspired by Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet and The Elephant Man. Here’s a closer look at those pieces as well as “making of” videos for every single drawing.

Jason D’Aquino’s “Shilling for Eames”


Shilling for Eames - Jason D'Aquino

Shilling for Eames – Jason D’Aquino

Jason D’Aquino’s “The Packard Saw Mill”


The Packard Saw Mill - Jason D'Aquino

The Packard Saw Mill – Jason D’Aquino

Jason D’Aquino’s “Van Gogh to See Detective Williams”

Van Gogh to see Detective Williams - Jason D'Aquino

Van Gogh to see Detective Williams – Jason D’Aquino


Jason D’Aquino’s “Acousticon (A-120 Constellation)”

Note: Jared Lyon identified the A-120 Constellation as Gordon Cole’s hearing aid!

Acousticon A-120 - Jason D'Aquino

Acousticon A-120 – Jason D’Aquino

Jason D’Aquino’s “Eames Chair”

Eames Chair - Jason D'Aquino

Eames Chair – Jason D’Aquino

All videos by k. Martinez.

Note: the Eraserhead portrait below is an older piece, not included in the “In Dreams” exhibition.

Eraserhead - Jason D'Aquino

Eraserhead – Jason D’Aquino

Check Jason’s site for more. And head to the In Dreams preview for tons of other David Lynch-inspired art.

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The Making Of Twin Peaks And David Lynch Miniature Matchbook Art

Jason D'Aquino makes miniature art inspired by David Lynch's Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, The Elephant Man and Eraserhead on matchbooks and other found objects.