International “Log Lady” Top Chefs Throw Surprise Twin Peaks Party

Gelinaz Log Ladies

Gelinaz Log Ladies

The past two weeks, mysterious videos emerged online of top chefs from all around the world carrying logs. The YouTube account’s username, Log Ladies, and #logladies hashtag left no doubt something Twin Peaks-y was going on.

Turns out these videos were all part of a big surprise party in New York City called The Gelinaz! Inner Log Ladies Night Out in honor of chef Wylie Dufresne. Twenty-nine of the world’s most acclaimed chefs and 65 invited guests gathered at his L.E.S. restaurant wd~50 on April 8, the 24th anniversary of the original airing of the Twin Peaks pilot. When the unknowing chef entered, he was greeted by a video message from the Log Lady who, for the occasion, looked surprisingly like himself. Shortly after, lights went on and everyone shouted “Surprise!”

Whether the Twin Peaks pilot’s anniversary was the reason for the theme, or whether Wylie is a David Lynch fan at all remains unknown. But at least one of the surprise party’s attendees loves Laura Palmer: just check out Danny Bowien‘s restroom at Mission Chinese Food. Other attendees included Alexa Atala, René Redzepi, David Chang, Gabrielle Hamilton, Daniel Patterson, Daniel Burns, Daniel BouludMagnus Nilsson, Alex StupakJean-Georges Vongerichten and Padma Lakshmi.

No cherry pie, butter and brie baguettes or any other classic Twin Peaks dishes on this party’s menu. Here are the things top chefs eat, even at a Twin Peaks party…

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Written by Pieter Dom

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