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You’ve Never Seen The Log Lady Like This: Ladies Of Twin Peaks As Vintage Pin-Ups

Twin Peaks pin-ups

Illustrator Emma Munger works at a San Francisco comic book store and loves to draw Sailor Jerry inspired pin-up versions of her favorite television and movie heroines. Her portfolio includes the female cast from Boardwalk Empire, Orange Is The New Black, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and even Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.

Last year, she started drawing Twin Peaks pin-ups and her first Ladies of Twin Peaks tattoo flash sheet —featuring Shelly Johnson, Donna Hayward, Audrey Horne and Laura Palmer— was very well-received by the Welcome to Twin Peaks community.

In fact, this guy even decided to get the Shelly Johnson pin-up tattooed on his arm for real.

When Emma went on to do a few others, including one hell of a sexy pin-up version of the Log Lady, I suggested putting them on a calendar. That required her to draw a few more in order to fill up those extra months, and that’s how Emma eventually gifted us with the best imaginable Twin Peaks pin-up ever: Denise Bryson. “She was the most fun character to draw,” says the artist. Check all of them out below!

The Ladies of Twin Peaks As Pin-Up Girls

Ladies of Twin Peaks pin-up calendar (5 x 7″) for 2015 is available here. Individual Twin Peaks pin-up girls are available as a print, stationary card and iPhone case.

NEW: Annie Blackburn

Annie Blackburn (Heather Graham) Twin Peaks pin-up

Audrey Horne

Audrey Horne pin-up girl

Audrey Horne pin-up girl

Shelly Johnson

Shelly Johnson as a pin-up girl

Norma Jennings

Norma Jennings pin-up

Nadine Hurley

Nadine Hurley pin-up

Maddy Ferguson

Maddy Ferguson pin-up girl

Lucy Moran

Lucy Moran

The Log Lady

Log Lady pin-up girl

Laura Palmer

Laura Palmer pin-up girl

Laura Palmer sailor pinup

Josie Packard

Josie Packard pin-up

Donna Hayward

Donna Hayward pin-up girl

Donna Hayward pin-up

Catherine Martell

Catherine Martell pin-up

Denise Bryson

Denise Bryson as a pin-up

Ladies of Twin Peaks pin-up calendar 2015

Ladies of Twin Peaks pin-up mugs

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Twin Peaks Ladies As Vintage Pin-Ups

The ladies of Twin Peaks reimagined as vintage pin-up girls. You've never seen Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward, let alone the Log Lady like this!

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