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Peaks And Recreation: Twin Peaks X Parks And Recreation Mashup

A while ago, I posted my mashup of the Twin Peaks intro with the theme of Cheers. Of course, everybody hated Twin Cheers. So now I’m curious how this second intro mashup will be perceived.

Peaks And Recreation

Charles Pieper and David Koenig took footage (and if you listen carefully, the baritone tune) from Twin Peaks and carefully inserted it into the Parks And Recreation intro. Although I haven’t seen more than a handful episodes of the show, I’ve heard from a lot of Twin Peaks fans that they love it. And there are some actual connections between both shows, like Peggy Lipton’s daughter, Rashida Jones. Chris Traeger, the character played by Rob Lowe, seems to share a few character traits with Special Agent Dale Cooper too.

Both shows are set in small towns full of slightly off and goofy people, so it seemed sensible to combine them!” Charles explained to me. “Specifically though, I always thought that the shot of the table that the ‘parks and rec’ title shows up on looked like the shot of Cooper sitting at the sheriff’s office table, so it sort of grew specifically from there.

Charles and David did a pretty good job of blending the shows by mimicking the original Parks and Rec intro. Here it is:

Now I’m off silently praying for someone to make the next mashup: CSI: Twin Peaks starring Albert Rosenfield.

UPDATE (21 Feb 2012): Anna made a Twin Peaks versus Parks and Recreation intro as well.

UPDATE (11 Oct 2013): In “Doppelgangers”, episode 4 of the sixth season of Parks and Recreation, the Ben Wyatt characters drops a reference to Twin Peaks: “I’d rewatch Twin Peaks and hit the Twin Peaks message boards and read the Secret Diary of Laura Palmer to find Easter Eggs I had missed.”

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Peaks And Recreation: Twin Peaks X Parks And Recreation Mashup

Parks and Recreation meets Twin Peaks in this intro mashup by Charles Pieper and David Koenig.

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