Perpetual Twin Peaks Calendar By Mathew Franklin

Illustrator and Cadaver Dogs lead singer Mathew Franklin just completed a Twin Peaks calendar featuring one or two characters from the show for every month. It’s perpetual, so you can use it every year. Each of the twelve 8×5″ prints is available individually for $10, or $100 for the full set including a stand. Only 20 sets will be made, so e-mail [email protected] to scoop one up!

Are you happy with the character on your birthday month?

January: Dale Cooper

Twin Peaks calendar: Dale Cooper

February: Andy and Lucy

Twin Peaks calendar: Andy & Lucy

March: The Log Lady

Twin Peaks calendar: The Log Lady

April: Audrey Horne

Twin Peaks calendar: Audrey Horne

May: Nadine Hurley

Twin Peaks calendar: Nadine Hurley

June: James Hurley

Twin Peaks calendar: James Hurley

July: Leland Palmer

Twin Peaks calendar: Leland Palmer

August: Man From Another Place

Twin Peaks calendar: Man From Another Place

September: Dr. Lawrence Jacoby

Twin Peaks calendar: Dr. Jacoby

October: Killer BOB

Twin Peaks calendar: Killer BOB

November: Shelly Johnson

Twin Peaks calendar: Shelly Johnson

December: Laura Palmer

Twin Peaks calendar: Laura Palmer

Twin Peaks calendar by Mathew Franklin

Written by Pieter Dom

Founder and curator of Welcome to Twin Peaks since 2011. Bobsessed since March 1991.


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