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Sheryl Lee Reading From The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer

Sheryl Lee as Laura PalmerIf you’re wondering what an audio book version of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer as narrated by Sheryl Lee would sound like, this 40-second compilation will give you a very good idea. The sound bites were taken from the Alan Thicke explains Twin Peaks recap show that aired between seasons, and pasted back-to-back by YouTube user blodme.

Please support the rally to get The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer released as an audio book!

Simon & Schuster, the publishing division of CBS that released the paperback and eBook, has taken the audio book suggestion into account, but that’s about all we know for now. Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed and like this post on Facebook to show your support.


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Sheryl Lee Reading From The Secret Diary Of Laura Palmer

Excerpts of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, narrated by actress Sheryl Lee.

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